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Relevant business ideas for the self-employed in 2022

Self-employment is becoming a trend - this form of employment provides more freedom and opportunities for self-realization. If you plan to hire employees or engage in licensed activities, for example, medical massage, passenger transportation, it is necessary by law to issue an IP. In other cases, you can open a business as self-employed.

Relevant business ideas for the self-employed in 2022

Read in the article what you need to start your own project, and what types of activities are best for self-employed.

Who are self-employed citizens

We are talking about people who receive material remuneration for their work directly from the customer of the service - an individual or company. The self-employed do not have an employer, boss, employees.

There is a special tax regime for such entrepreneurs. The Professional Income Tax (PIT) provides for two types of rates. The first is 4% - it is valid if the funds were received from individuals. The second rate is designed for those who cooperate with companies. It is higher - 6% of income.

It is necessary to generate checks and keep records of income through the My Tax mobile application. To do this, you will need to register in advance. From the documents you need only a passport, TIN.

It is easier for self-employed citizens to open a business. No need to collect statutory papers, open a current account, buy a cash register. You don't have to submit financial statements all the time. Another plus is that when paying NAP, citizens do not need to pay insurance premiums or other taxes.

Top Best Business Ideas for Self-Employed Citizens

There is no approved list of activities that fall under the NAP yet. You can decide on your own which business to start - there are many directions open for the self-employed. One of the niches combines work on the Internet. It includes:

  • programming;
  • Web design;
  • blogging;
  • copywriting;
  • editing and proofreading;
  • translation of visual, text materials;
  • dubbing;
  • maintenance of websites, blogs, social networks.

You can engage in activities without specialized education - no one will require a university diploma from you.

This form of employment will help to reveal their professional abilities. If you have already worked in a profession, it is easy to decide which business to open as a self-employed. Many become private accountants , lawyers, financial consultants, auditors.

You can also share knowledge - people are willing to invest in their own education. In this case, it is not necessary to choose a narrow niche. You can tutor in school subjects.

It is not necessary to provide services - earn passively from the existing property. It is allowed to rent only one's own housing: a house, an apartment, a room. You can use the land plot, using it for growing vegetables, berries, fruits.

Before you open a business as a self-employed, you should also be aware of the limitations when choosing a line of business. For example, you cannot apply for VAT if you want to sell excisable goods (alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, jewelry, etc.).

It is forbidden to carry on an independent activity if you are just an intermediary. For example, you have a small home production and you want to sell a product. In this case, you can apply for self-employment. But if you bought an item in order to resell it, you will not be able to use the NAP.

Business ideas for self-employed women

One of the most popular destinations for women is the beauty industry. When choosing which business is suitable for self-employed women, you can consider such specialties:

  • visagiste;
  • hairdresser, colorist;
  • eyelash extension master;
  • epilation specialist;
  • browist;
  • manicurist.

Some provide several types of beauty services at once. You can provide them at home or open your own office. This is convenient if you have to keep a lot of equipment, tools, supplies. But keep in mind that you should not have a single employee.

What kind of business can self-employed women run besides the beauty industry? Lots of options. If you do not have a special education, offer your cleaning services. You can focus on private apartments, houses, as well as office space, car showrooms. As an option - complete disinfection , elimination of unpleasant odors.

It will turn out to monetize almost any hobby. For example, you can make and sell candles, soap, natural cosmetics, designer postcards, and beaded jewelry. If you knit clothes and accessories to order, it is also worth legalizing your activity by registering self-employment.

To find out if it is possible for a self-employed woman to open a business in the chosen field, it is worth checking with the requirements of the law. Today, there are no restrictions on the type of activity. So in theory, for example, doctors can also be self-employed. But in practice, it is necessary to obtain a license, which will be issued only to an individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

Business ideas for self-employed men

When wondering what kind of business self-employed men can engage in, pay attention to household services. Plumbers, electricians, repairmen are equally in demand. Craftsmen who help with the repair of premises are valued. You can suggest:

  • painting and plastering works;
  • laying tiles;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • restoration of plumbing;
  • assembly of furniture;
  • repair of clothes, shoes .

Help with minor repairs is needed for both women and men. If you have the relevant skills, you can provide services to private clients through self-employment. Work can be carried out at the customer's home or in their own workshop. But remember that your annual income should not exceed 60000$. Otherwise, you will have to abandon the NAP.

Traditional "male" activities are far from the only option. You can develop as a specialist in other areas:

  • programming;
  • design;
  • maintenance of office equipment;
  • analytics, etc.

Another popular trend is blogging. Its topics can be absolutely anything: from reviews of new cars to discussions of music, books, films. If the channel has become quite popular and you are making a profit from it, in addition to the main job, you need to apply for self-employment so that the tax office does not have any questions for you.

Home Production Business Ideas for the Self Employed

Craft goods are becoming more and more popular. This is the name of products made not in production, but in a private workshop. Typically, products are produced individually or in small batches. Production by the individual order is possible. Such products are valued not only for their uniqueness - often handmade even surpasses factory goods in quality.

Often the question arises whether it is possible for a self-employed person to open a business related to production. There are no restrictions in this regard, products of own manufacture are allowed to be sold independently. We have already talked about the nuances: an entrepreneur does not have the right to hire employees or act as an intermediary, that is, resell someone else's products.

You can grow and sell flowers, seedlings, vegetables , fruits, herbs. It is allowed to make dishes, accessories, clothes, shoes. Exceptions are goods subject to mandatory certification and licensing. For example:

  • food products, including semi-finished products;
  • children's goods, toys;
  • milk products;
  • tobacco products, alcohol;
  • medications;
  • perfume, toilet water.

This must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate type of activity. Can a self-employed person open a business and sell, for example, tobacco? If you grow seedlings for sale, then yes. But if you make mixtures for hookah or cigarettes, then no - this is already an excisable product, from which additional taxes are paid to the state.

How to open a business for the self-employed if your field of activity falls under special requirements? To legally make cakes to order or offer perfume compositions from natural oils, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur, obtain licenses and choose the appropriate tax rate.