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The idea of ​​a profitable business from ash material

 In almost any city of our vast Motherland, you can find a large amount of ash. Ash waste from industries accumulate literally in tons. And, meanwhile, on this raw material you can build a profitable business by organizing even a small workshop specializing in the manufacture of bricks from ash.

The idea of ​​a profitable business from ash material

Ash and slag materials have long been successfully used in the construction industry abroad. In USA, such building material is still unpopular. And very in vain! Ash brick, manufactured in compliance with all technologies, is characterized by high strength and wear resistance. 

It is suitable for the construction of residential and non-residential premises, as well as all kinds of fences. The main thing is to properly prepare the composition (10% lime, 5% water and 85% ash).

Ash brick is able to compete with the usual prototypes from other materials. In terms of external characteristics and operational properties, it is in no way inferior to traditional red brick, and its cost is several times lower. That is, the market price is more accessible to the consumer.

It is not difficult to implement such a project, huge starting investments are not required. Find channels for the supply of raw materials, buy inexpensive equipment (you can use it), establish distribution routes with the help of competent advertising, and you can start calculating the net profit!