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The most effective types of online store promotion from scratch

How to open and run an online store is no longer a question. There are many ways and more than one manual has been written about them. In this article, we will talk about how to promote an online store.

The most effective types of online store promotion from scratch

Statistical data

According to statistics for the last year, 63 new online stores appear on the market every day .

It is good that a large part of them appear in the English-speaking areas of the Internet, but in addition to the pride of the nation, one must take into account the fact that they all claim the same consumers.

Therefore, the issue of promoting an online store for its owners is a constant headache.

An online store is a site, and its promotion is very similar to the promotion of any other site.

Nevertheless, there are a number of differences, without knowing which you can turn your store into a museum, in which there are many visitors and not a single buyer. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

SEO promotion

In SEO promotion, there are two key points - the optimization of the site itself and external optimization (getting links to your site).

Internal optimization is , first of all, the correct technical setup of the site and filling it with SEO-optimized content.

External - this is the purchase of links, contextual advertising, work in social networks. networks. Experienced optimizers recommend that young sites promote themselves on low-frequency queries. Why?

Lower competitive load, respectively, and the cost of advertising. Low-frequency visitors are almost always buyers.

contextual advertising

Many articles have been written about this, we will not repeat the well-known. We note only one thing - an incorrectly composed announcement is the path to the loss of serious amounts.

Therefore, before launching a context for hundreds of thousands of rubles, test a dozen ads (create 10-15 campaigns worth 300 - 1000 rubles and see which ads work best).

Promotion using price aggregators

These are special sites that collect information about the prices of goods in online stores. In any case, we recommend registering in such directories, and even better, advertising in them.

Work with social networks

In the social networks, you can give paid advertising, which will be shown only to an audience selected by key characteristics (age, region of residence, participation in groups on a given topic, etc.).

In addition, social networks are a good source of free (shareware) traffic. It is no coincidence that all the largest online stores have pages and groups in the main social networks.

teaser networks

Perhaps one of the best methods of promotion of online stores. However, before rushing headlong into the pool of teasers, we recommend checking how it works.

By the way, teaser advertising is not suitable for all products, so proceed from the needs of your target audience.

Advertising in offline media

Many large online stores have recently been using offline media to promote their promotions and simply to place image advertising.

Of course, it is expensive, even very expensive, but let's remember how the media stands for mass media. Probably, the mass pays off the costs.

This is not a complete list of methods for promoting an online store. There is also, for example:

  • mailing list advertising;
  • banner advertising;
  • banal spam.

All this, in fact, is not as difficult as it might seem from the description. The main thing to remember is that the promotion of an online store is very similar to a walk through a swamp. Before you take a step, check where you are stepping.