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The nuances of opening a cosmetics store

Today we will tell you about the important nuances that you need to consider when opening a cosmetics store. They will help you create a successful business from scratch that will not fail in the first year.

The nuances of opening a cosmetics store

How to start a business

The sale of cosmetics has been bringing entrepreneurs a stable and high income for many years , because the popularity of various cosmetics and perfumes among women is growing every year.

In order for the business to prosper, it is necessary to always keep track of the latest in the cosmetic fashion industry, provide customers with a large selection of relevant products, otherwise you can easily “burn out”.

Before you open your own business , you should draw up a detailed business plan , an example of which can be found on the Global Network. With the right business building, the average profitability will be about 10%, and your investment will pay off within the first year.

The next step is to choose whether you will open LLC or IP . If you have any doubts and fears before establishing your store, then you can always turn to a franchise , because today there are many interesting options on the market.


It doesn’t matter if you want to open a cosmetics store in a provincial city or in a metropolis, in any case, you will have competitors .

To stand out among the already established opponents, you should carefully study their range, mode of operation, pricing policy, as well as service.

By finding the right “zest” that will make you stand out from the rest of the cosmetic stores, you will be able to build up an excellent customer base.

Store development concept

Only after you have carefully studied the competitors in your city , you should decide in which direction the concept of your future store will develop.

In fact, today there are a huge number of options, you just have to choose yours:

1. Depending on the type of your customers:

  • men's perfume shop;
  • cosmetics shop for women;
  • a store that will offer only cosmetic products for children.

2. Depending on the country of manufacture:

  • Korean cosmetics;
  • Belarusian cosmetics;
  • Thai cosmetics;
  • Russian cosmetics, etc.

3. Depending on specialization:

  • a general store with a large selection of cosmetic products from various manufacturers;
  • a specialized store where cosmetics of only one famous world brand will be offered;
  • medical cosmetics shop;
  • shop of organic, natural and natural cosmetics, etc.

When you open a highly specialized store, you will have the greatest chance of actually succeeding.

In the future, it will be possible to diversify the assortment with " hot " goods that will bring you a stable income.

Cosmetics store assortment

Once you have decided on the choice of concept, it is worth looking for a decent supplier who will provide only quality products.

When concluding a transaction for the purchase of cosmetics, read all the certificates for the purchased products.

You should not chase cheapness, because in this case your customers may be allergic to non-certified goods, which threatens you with a large fine at best.

Also , the assortment of goods should be different pricing policy , and the cheaper product will be 50%, the average 30% and the expensive one - 20%.

To determine which product will be a great success with your customers, at the initial stage, purchase products in small batches and then you will find out what should be increased in sales volumes at the next purchase, and what is generally more expedient to eliminate.

Be sure to expand your assortment with the most popular products that everyone uses every day without exception: cotton buds, cotton pads, wet wipes, etc.

If your main customers are women, then you can diversify your showcase with tights, combs, nail files, jewelry.

Additional products always bring good income , because its cost is usually not high and they are available to most customers.

Choosing a location to open a cosmetics store

The most profitable place to open such a store will be a point with high traffic.

You can rent a department in a shopping and entertainment complex, where not only people who went shopping there, but also employees working in this building can become regular customers and customers.

If you decide to open a general store, then you should choose a location with sufficient distance from major chain outlets. If your choice fell on a highly specialized store, then you may well coexist with large "networkers".

Potential buyers who constantly visit large stores will be interested in a new point of sale of cosmetics, and will come to you.

It will be a big plus if there is a beauty salon near your store, because lovers of taking care of their face, hair and body will not resist the opportunity to purchase some of the cosmetics for themselves.

Store interior tricks

The first step is to define a separate rack or showcase for each major brand. Also, perfumery should be given a special space.

In order for customers to want to come back to you again, the store must be kept absolutely clean. There should be no dust on the shelves, floors should always be streak-free, and mirrors and glass should shine.

Lighting plays an important role . With the right light supply, the buyer will be able to see even the smallest lipstick or shadow.

When installing showcases, consider the distance between them so that customers can move freely around the hall without hitting others or racks with cosmetics.

In most cases, global brands provide samples for their products. They should definitely be put on display so that the buyer can take a closer look and try perfume, cream or mascara.


The best sellers in a cosmetics store will be young girls who should not only know the entire range of goods, but also tell about the manufacturer, the nuances of using a particular product.

You will also need to enter a dress code . Clothing worn by employees must always be clean and ironed. Make-up should not be bright, manicure of calm and warm shades.

The most important qualities that employees should have are sociability, the ability to work with people, and stress resistance.

It is from your staff in the first place that your income will depend. Before starting work, employees must undergo training and pass an exam on the range and knowledge of the product.

Advertising campaign

The very first step is to choose a memorable name that you can come up with on your own or contact a special advertising agency.

Your store sign should also be bright and creative to grab the attention of potential buyers.

You can advertise on various forums in your city, as well as create your own website and groups on social networks.

Today, a lot of people spend time on the Internet , and believe me, your client will not keep you waiting. You can also take advantage of the distribution of leaflets on the streets, next to the store.

By coming up with various interesting promotions, gift certificates and reasonable discounts for different groups of goods, you can attract even more clients and clients.

But word of mouth is considered the best advertising - these are people who were satisfied with the service, product quality, and price.

Such customers will not only come back to you again, but will also tell their friends and relatives about the new wonderful cosmetics and perfumery store. Good luck!