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The Rise and Fall of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Sometimes the road up is covered with potholes and potholes. And probably no one knows as much about this as Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the famous Facebook.

The Rise and Fall of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

After the initial public offering on the Zuckerberg market began to participate in public speaking, including giving an interview to Michael Arrington at a conference in San Francisco.

Mark spoke openly about several aspects of the company's work: the acquisition of the social network Instagram , why they do not release Facebook Phone and how it still works, although everything he does, in his opinion, is doomed to failure.

Zuckerberg also detailed some of the successes and failures the company has experienced. Some of the points in his story should be remembered by every entrepreneur or those who are just about to take up their own business.

Be exactly where your customers are

When Facebook was first released to the waves of the Internet in 2004, it was adapted for standard computers. A few years later, the market for mobile gadgets with the ability to access the Internet suddenly grew to immense proportions.

And Mark says that today mobile users are the most active visitors to the network than those who use stationary PCs.

And although in the recent past, many believed that Facebook was too slow to form a mobile application, Zuckerberg says that today the company is fully “mobilized”.

According to Mark, the company is evolving and shifting its focus to what is more deserving of this attention today.

Admit mistakes and guess the moment to turn

By making mobile users a priority , Facebook has put its developers to the task of building Faceweb, an HTML5-based framework specifically for mobile sites.

HTML 5 is a later version of HTML, code that allows websites to display correctly on mobile devices, no matter what device it is.

Zuckerberg said there were more people who used the mobile version of Facebook on a daily basis than those who used their iOS and Android apps combined. So yes, the mobile web was the company's number one development.

However, within a few months of creating and testing the HTML 5 system, the developers found that it did not meet the quality that was expected from it. And, since Facebook put everything on HTML 5, the developers had to start all over again, almost from scratch, this time with plain HTML.

“We lost two years,” Zuckerberg said. “And it is very unpleasant to realize. I think if you look back and analyze, then this is one of, if not the biggest mistake we made. Today, however, we have left it behind and are moving on.”

Find the balance between commercial and non-commercial

Earlier, during the hype raised by Facebook's public offering, Zuckerberg said, “We don't offer services to make money ; we earn to improve our services.

The importance of realizing your mission and complying with it is extremely important, and no one argues with this. And Zuckerberg also added that focusing on the business side of your business is just as important.

For example , according to him, in order to fulfill your promises to customers, you need to hire an adequate team. And in order to lure really good professionals into your team, you need to offer them something not only interesting, but also profitable, for which you need to create a profitable business - create a useful and sought-after product or service.

“Business development and business development are inextricably linked,” Mark says. – “Yes, personally, I am primarily fascinated by what we do, the creation and development of our offspring, but I do not stop thinking about the financial side of the matter, and from the very beginning, each of us had a clear understanding that we need to take care of about this and that."