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TOP 25 business ideas for guys and men

25 Small Business Ideas For Men

We present to your attention the best business ideas for guys and men with investments, with minimal investments and without investments. These are the most profitable production ideas, at home and in the garage. Even a relatively simple business can become a source of stable income.

1. Painting a car with liquid rubber

This is an example of a business idea with minimal investment for men. The cost of organizing a business is $ 500-600 . They consist of the cost of renting a room and buying a spray gun. Money for paint and solvent can be taken from the prepayment. Net profit exceeds $2000.

Painting a car with liquid rubber

2. Breeding worms

Don't know how to make money for a man? Open a worm farming business in your country house or apartment.

Breeding worms

You will need $200 to purchase the invertebrates themselves, containers, substrate, and various accessories. A month on the sale of worms, biohumus and vermicai earn from $ 300.

3. Balcony glazing

Loggia glazing is a business for men that can be opened with a starting capital of $ 1,500.

It’s worth starting with taking courses, searching for suppliers, renting a room, purchasing tools, and conducting an advertising campaign.

Profit minus fixed costs - $ 1800 and above .

4. Laying fireplaces

This is a profitable business for men , which can be opened even in a small town. Starting such a business in the village is not worth it.

You will need a personal vehicle to get to the site, and a set of basic tools. The client pays for the materials himself.

If you have a car, the investment will be $150-200. If you install at least 2 fireplaces per month, you can earn $ 1,200.

5. Service "Husband for an hour"

A good business for men in a small town that allows you to earn from $ 1,000 per month. You can open it for $600 . To do this, you need to buy a set of tools, entrust the development of a website to a web studio, and conduct an advertising campaign.

You can hire employees and pay them 50-60% of each completed order.

6. Production of paving slabs

Business ideas for manufacturing for men include making paving slabs. To implement the idea, you will need a room with an area of ​​70 m² with a 380 V electric line. Investments in renting the premises and purchasing equipment will amount to $ 3,000. Expected income - from $ 2,000 .

7. Greenhouse production

Interested in garage production business ideas for men? Consider making and installing polycarbonate greenhouses . $ 1,000 will be spent on the purchase of equipment, materials, tools.

With proper promotion, the profit will be $ 800-1200. The business will pay off in 1-2 months.

8. Production of decorative stone

DIY business ideas for men include making artificial stone for indoor and outdoor use.

The production process includes the preparation of molds, mixing of components, pouring, vibration, removing the stone from the mold after the mortar has solidified.

With an investment of $ 3,000, the profit will be $ 1,400. Additional services will help increase income - transportation, installation.

9. Making change houses

A variant of a business idea for men from scratch is the creation of country and construction cabins. You will need a room with an area of ​​50 m2 and 3 craftsmen (one will prepare components, cut and weld, the rest will assemble). Starting capital will be $4,000, net income - $1,800 and more.

10. Manufacturing of roofing material

The production of roofing felt can bring $ 4,000 monthly. A very good, profitable business idea, but with quite large investments.

11. Home typography

An option for a home-based business idea for men is to organize your own printing house. To open, you will need a computer, a laser printer, paper, a special cutter, laminating film.

This is a good way to earn money, capable of generating $600 in net profit with a $1,000 investment.

12. Fish smoking

You can open a small fish smoking business in a private house . To do this, you will need a smokehouse, a cutting table, refrigerators, knives, crates and skewers. If the business goes, you will have to rent a room and formalize everything. Investments will amount to $ 3,000, profit - about $ 800.

13. Massage room

A good massage therapist earns from $ 1,000 per month . To equip an office at home, you need to take courses lasting 1-2 months, buy a massage table, a relaxation chair, towels, sheets, warming and relaxing products (creams, oils).

You also need to run an advertising campaign. Starting capital - $ 1500.

14. Shoe repair

Home business ideas for men include shoe repair. The absence of rent allows you to set minimum prices for your services. It will take $1,500 to open a workshop. Net income reaches $1200 .