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TOP-25 business ideas from America (USA)

Do you want to start your own business? You will be interested in business ideas from America. With the right approach to their implementation, they will bring good profits.

TOP-25 business ideas from America (USA)

1. Vertical farms in the city

A current business idea is the creation of mobile farms , in which plants are arranged in vertical rows, and hydroponic irrigation is used as an irrigation system. Such farms can be transported from place to place, installed near the points of sale. You need to open a business in a place where there is access to water and electricity.

2. Making phytowalls

Interesting business ideas from America include installation, maintenance of phytowalls. The easiest way to do business is to cooperate with suppliers of plants and frames for phytowalls. This will save you from unnecessary trouble and will allow you to deal only with the installation of structures.

3. Individual catering

Another business idea from America is to create cafes and restaurants where the client is involved in the cooking process (for example, he chooses products for his dishes on his own). The idea is not new, but it can be implemented in different ways.

4. Hot food vending machines

A healthy lifestyle is now in vogue , so selling hot meals brings good profits. To organize a business, you will need an automatic machine equipped with a grill or microwave oven.

You can install it in a place with high traffic (hospital, shopping or business center).

5. Virtual dressing room

An example of an interesting business idea is the creation of a website where everyone can start a virtual dressing room. The essence of the service is that the client downloads the selected outfits and receives advice from stylists. At the same time, you can earn money by advertising various stores (clothes, shoes, accessories).

6. Paper destruction service

In the US, there are mobile services that specialize in paper recycling. The success of the business is based on the fact that the storage of secret documents leads to information leaks and the ensuing consequences.

You can open a business with minimal investment (you will need equipment for cutting paper, garbage bags).

7. Salon of virtual space

New business ideas from America involve the use of 3D technologies. Entrepreneurs create salons that allow people to communicate with business colleagues, attend football matches, enjoy concerts of their favorite artists.

8. Kindergarten for adults

An example of an original business idea from the USA is the creation of a garden for adults. This is an institution where everyone can plunge into childhood and feel like a child. The list of activities includes reading, singing, drawing, communication with psychologists, active outdoor games.

9. Electronic trainer

Nowadays, everything related to a healthy lifestyle is in demand. Fitness mirrors are no exception and have taken on the role of professional trainers.

Such mirrors are installed in gyms, point out mistakes to clients and show them how to do the exercises correctly.

10. Delivery of orders using drones

In the US, a startup associated with the delivery of parcels by flying drones is popular. To organize a business, you need to buy equipment, create a website and a mobile application, register equipment (because it will be used for commercial purposes).

The disadvantages of the idea are the high risk of damage to drones, the high cost of repairs.

11. Production of edible tableware

America is a country that cares about the environment. Not surprisingly, the fast food restaurant chain KFC has launched the production of edible coffee cups. You can implement the idea in any country .

The main difficulty is to find distributors. They can be grocery stores, catering establishments, etc.

12. Sale of robotic orderlies

New business ideas from the USA include the production of robots that perform the work of junior medical staff (cleaning in wards and corridors, taking out ducks, delivering drugs and documentation to different rooms, escorting patients to the wards).

13. Cafe for music lovers

An example of an unusual business idea from America is the creation of a cafe that plays certain music (for example, rock or songs from the 90s).

An important role is played by interior design, the way of serving dishes, the presence of interesting "chips" . For example, the American restaurant Blacksmith resets the score of the first person in line when any Queen song is played.

14. Car racing

When exploring the best business ideas from the USA, one cannot fail to mention the car distillation business. The essence of the idea is that everyone can rent a car and go on a trip for a nominal fee, but only along a certain route.

The winners are people who are waiting for their transport, and people who want to be in another locality.

15. Social network for travelers

Fresh business ideas from America include creating social media. networks for travelers. There you can find information about the best routes, hotels, interesting sights, chat with like-minded people and ask them for help if necessary.

16. Cleaning up dog feces

An example of a business idea from America is the opening of a dog feces cleaning company. In the US, the service is available for $15 per week and includes faecal cleaning on streets and private areas.

The advantage of the idea is that its implementation does not require investments. You will have to buy only garbage bags and special scoops.

17. Pets for rent

Another profitable idea from the United States. The business is to organize a shelter where everyone can rent an animal.

The service can be used by clients who are not sure that they can keep a pet (potential allergies, families with children and the elderly). If desired, the client can redeem the animal and keep it.

18. Sale of antiviral scarves

Speaking of interesting ideas from the USA , it is worth mentioning antiviral scarves - wide products that cover the mouth and nose. Their peculiarity lies in the presence of filter inserts that protect the respiratory tract from pathogenic microorganisms.

Such a business can bring good income from autumn to spring, when people get flu and colds.

19. Sports barbershop

An example of a business idea from the USA is the creation of a barbershop for men where you can watch sports broadcasts. Clients come to such establishments willingly to combine business with pleasure (to get a haircut and take a break from everyday hustle and bustle).

To open a business, you will need a room, equipment for cutting and washing your hair, as well as a large wall-mounted TV.

20. Hotel on wheels

Another profitable business comes from America. It involves the creation of mobile hotels - polycarbonate glass capsules on wheels.

Inside there is everything you need for living (bedroom, shower room and even an outdoor terrace).

21. Service for lovers

Some American business ideas are striking in their originality, and this one is no exception.

The essence of business is to create a service that allows you to confess your love or, on the contrary, break off relationships. You can convey an important message with a letter, a gift, or a courier.

22. Mobile flower shop

Small business ideas from America include setting up mobile flower shops.

Such points can be placed in different parts of the city (for Easter and Radonitsa - near cemeteries, at the beginning of the school year - near schools and other educational institutions, on weekends - near registry offices).

23. Clothing store without shelves

Shelfless clothing stores are a popular business in America. The client enters the mobile application, selects the model and size, after which the phone receives a message with the number of the booth in which the goods are located.

24. Packing for moving

Moving is difficult and tiring. Therefore, entrepreneurship in the United States includes not only the transportation of things within the city, but also the packing and unpacking of things. You need to start such a business with advertising.

25. Advisor app

People often need expert advice . If you create an app/website and fill it with consultants (for business, pet care, housekeeping, etc.), you can earn good money.

We have listed business ideas from America. Here you will find ideas for small and large cities that entrepreneurs with different financial capabilities can implement.