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TOP-25 of the best business ideas from Europe

Successful entrepreneurs regularly study the best business ideas from different European countries and implement the most promising ones in their city. A new business idea from another country can be a very lucrative business, since most likely you will not have competitors in your city.

TOP-25 of the best business ideas from Europe

In the article you will find TOP 25 popular and interesting business ideas from Europe that will help you create your own successful business in Russia and other CIS countries and around the world.

1. Server water heater

A cool idea from Holland is to install heaters powered by the cooling systems of the server (computers).

They reduce the amount of energy consumed, reduce costs, improve the environment.

The Dutch, using server water heating, manage to save up to 300 euros per year.

2. Auto service aggregator

An example of a business with minimal investment  from Europe is an auto services aggregator.

The essence of the idea is to create a website and / or mobile application, through which the client can leave a request for repairs and choose a car service that meets his requirements.

3. Production of SIP panels

Structural insulated panels are used in low-rise construction, low cost , good thermal insulation and durability.

To create panels, you need to buy a production line and materials (suspension board with polyurethane foam, oriented strand board, polyurethane adhesive).

4. Installation of wall mounted LED panels

New modern business ideas from Europe include wall paneling with built-in LEDs.

Such material is in demand among owners of residential and non-residential premises, because it allows you to create drawings on the walls, adjust the lighting depending on your needs, and improve sound insulation.

5. Eurowood production

The production of fuel briquettes is a good business project that is actively developing in Europe.

Raw materials for eurofirewood can be obtained at woodworking enterprises (for free or inexpensively), but the organization of the production process requires serious capital investments.

6. "Sterile" doorknobs

If you are looking for business ideas from Europe that are not yet available in USA, you will be interested in a startup that installs special door handles. Their peculiarity lies in the presence of built-in containers with an antiseptic that allows you to disinfect your hands.

It is recommended to sell such products to owners of medical institutions, beauty salons, shopping centers, public toilets, etc.

7. Protection of personal and confidential information

The number of cybercriminals is now growing every day , so companies and individuals need to protect information. You need to start such a small business by renting an office, looking for employees, buying computers and software.

8. "Smart" stickers

Small business innovations include the production of beacon stickers that are attached to any item (mobile phones, keys, glasses) and allow you to find them if they are lost.

European stickers Estimote Beacons are patented, but the principle of operation is worth adopting.

9. Portal automatic car wash

Fresh ideas from Europe include the organization of car washes of the portal type. The design implies the presence of a portal that moves along the car and performs the necessary work (applies detergent, rinses, dries, waxes).

10. Wedding Gift Aggregator

A creative business idea from Europe is to create a service through which newlyweds can choose gifts and invite guests to pay for them.

To implement the idea, you need to contact web developers to create a website or mobile application.

11. Construction of non-standard houses

New business ideas from Europe include the construction of buildings with unusual designs. Entrepreneurship requires large investments related to hiring staff, buying special equipment and machinery, obtaining building permits and licenses.

12. Self-service restaurant

There are restaurants in European cities that serve raw meat and seafood.

The client roasts them at the table, which guarantees positive emotions and obtaining the required degree of roasting. This is a profitable idea from abroad, requiring serious investments.

13. Chocolate Constructor

Ideas that involve an individual approach to the buyer are currently popular . In France, they created a service that allows customers to develop their own chocolate (choose shape, color, filling).

At first, you can create a home business, and rent a room after a few months of work.

14. Vending for travelers

If your country is in demand among tourists, you can install vending machines with goods for travelers. To implement the idea, it is necessary to purchase equipment, rent retail space at railway stations and airports.

15. Taxi subscriptions

Abroad, taxi services are in demand, which led to the creation of subscriptions for trips. This is an idea without investments , for the implementation of which it is necessary to develop subscriptions and conclude partnership agreements with companies operating in this field.

16. Rental packaging for moving

Many foreign business ideas are tied to the desire of Europeans to improve the environmental situation. Such an idea is the rental of packaging containers - cardboard boxes, plastic containers, vacuum bags.

For an additional fee, you can provide services for the delivery and removal of containers, packing and unpacking things.

17. Advertising in the snow

An actual business idea from the West for Russia and the CIS countries is to place advertising on the snow (logos, drawings, text messages). To do this, you need foam stencils, which you can make at home or in the garage with the help of improvised tools.

18. Eco toilets for cats

Interesting business ideas from Europe include the production of biodegradable cat litter boxes.

The advantage of the product is that it is created from recycled raw materials and improves the environmental situation in the country.

The cost of trays is low, so you can sell them at a low price.

19. Mini condoms

The production of mini condoms is a profitable business.

Many teenagers become sexually active early , so the implementation of the idea stops the spread of STDs and reduces the number of unplanned pregnancies. In Europe, contraceptives are not only sold, but also distributed free of charge in educational institutions.

20. Promotional stickers

Small business ideas from Europe include the creation of services that bring together advertisers and people interested in additional income.

The advertiser creates a sticker sketch, the intermediary (that is, you) prints it and gives it to the person. You can place such stickers on the windows of apartments and cars, facades of houses, etc.

21. Pizza in the shape of a cup

An example of a business idea from Europe is the sale of pizza, shaped like ice cream . You can place a point in a park, near the subway or in a shopping center.

To do this, you need to rent a place for a stall or island, develop an assortment, hire staff, buy equipment and products.

22. Ugly models

The latest trends in the world of fashion and advertising include the use of models with a non-standard appearance. Creating your own modeling agency does not require large investments.

It is enough to rent a small office, develop a website, advertise people with a non-standard appearance, and agree on cooperation with photo studios.

23. Animal caregiver

Foreign business is focused not only on people, but also on animals. You can verify this by the example of European companies offering pet walking and looking after services. You can open a business without investments .

24. Processing of vegetables and fruits

Popular business ideas in Europe are built on environmental awareness. So, some entrepreneurs make mashed potatoes, juices and soups from vegetables and fruits that have lost their presentation.

The main thing is to use fresh products that have not had time to deteriorate.

25. Bossaball

Bossaball is a mixture of football, volleyball and acrobatics . The trampoline can be placed outdoors (beach, park) or indoors (sports complex, educational institution).

The article listed the best innovative European business ideas that can be implemented in any country in the world. Do not forget to carefully analyze each idea and study the nuances of the chosen business.