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We present to your attention the best, most profitable business ideas for students. These are the TOP 25 ideas with investments, with minimal investments and without investments, with which you can start your journey to financial independence.

TOP25 business ideas for students

1. Setting up and maintaining gadgets

Setting up and repairing gadgets is an actual business for students of technical universities . It is carried out in two directions:

one-time setup, installation of applications and programs, training clients to work with devices;

minor repairs.

You can create a workshop in a rented room. With investments of $500, the business brings up to $ 400 monthly.

2. Network Marketing

Those who want to make money without start-up capital should pay attention to network companies (NL International, Herbalife, Amway, etc.).

The task of the entrepreneur is to distribute products and create a partner network.

Beginners earn up to $150 per month. Sometimes you have to invest money in the purchase of goods (for example, in NL International it is about $ 130).

3. Courier service

Interested in a business for a student without investment? Team up with your comrades and create a courier service. As partners, choose people who study in different shifts (this will make it easier to accept and fulfill orders).

No investment is required to open a business. Net income exceeds $600 per month.

4. Product delivery

To open a business, you need to develop several tariffs, depending on the number of products and the remoteness of the store. Then you can start advertising (give ads on Avito , distribute leaflets).

A business project requires almost no investment and allows you to earn up to $ 400 per month.

5. Sale of lectures

This business idea for a student is to sell lectures on subjects that were taught during the semester. You can sell collections of lectures and cheat sheets to classmates , and subsequently to junior students.

The material must be distributed in printed form, not electronically. We recommend taking prepayment from students and printing sheets in a printing house.

In this case, investments are not required, and the net profit reaches $ 600-700 per semester.

6. Dogsitting

An example of a home-based business is animal care, which allows you to earn up to $ 500 per month. To increase profits, provide additional services (walking dogs, visiting veterinary clinics).

It is better to open a business for students of correspondence departments or those who have reliable partners in mind (they can be friends, relatives). No investment required.

7. Services of a make-up artist, hairdresser

Currently, the beauty industry is a promising platform for development. To become a makeup artist or a hairdresser, you need to take courses, buy the tools and materials necessary for work.

Investments will be at least $400. Net profit per month - from $ 300 .

8. Selling Unique Content

A relatively simple business is to create unique content. You can sell articles, pictures, logos, copyright photos.

Investments are not required, except when a person registers on sites that provide paid access to orders. So, creating a business account on requires $10-25.

Beginners earn on content from $ 200 per month.

9. Creation of sites

You can open your website creation business without knowing programming languages. So, many students work with constructors that are clear and easy to use. The most popular services are Wix , Tilda , uKit, Nethouse.

Business allows you to earn $400-500 monthly. You may need to purchase a paid plan starting at $3 per month.

10. Writing essays, theses and term papers

If studying is easy for you, help your classmates and get paid for it. The minimum cost of an essay is $10, a term paper - $50, a thesis - $100.

If there is a lot of free time, take orders from junior students.

The startup does not require investments. Earnings are limited by your capabilities.

11. Leasing micro-earphones

An example of a business idea for students with minimal investment is the rental of microearphones for exams.

It is recommended to start with the purchase of 10 headphones (on AliExpress , the purchase will cost $ 100). If you rent all 10 units per month, your net income will be $200.

12. Tutoring

Small business ideas for students include tutoring ( in person or via Skype ). Education in pedagogical universities is encouraged, but not a prerequisite. The main thing is that your level of knowledge allows you to teach.

You can become a tutor without investment. If you conduct 1-2 classes for 1.5 hours daily, the net profit will be 500-600 dollars per month.

13. Resale of things

It is possible to open a home business for the resale of goods with a small investment. It is recommended to buy things on AliExpress, Avito , Yulia . With investments of $100, earnings will be $200-300.

14. Mystery Shopper Agency

Thinking about what kind of business a student can open? Team up with your comrades and create a mystery shopping agency. You can work without an office.

The main thing is to have a personal website and pages in popular social networks. You will have to spend $500 to create a website and advertising.

With proper promotion, the profit will be more than $ 600 per month.

15. Grooming pets

Those who understand "dog" fashion should take up grooming animals. You can open a small business at home by buying an inexpensive professional typewriter worth $ 100-250.

By promoting services through Avito and social networks, hairdressers earn up to $400 monthly. The first orders should be done inexpensively or for free in order to fill your hand and get reviews.

16. Forex trading

Trading on the international financial market is possible without deep knowledge in this industry. It is enough to choose a successful trader and copy his trades.

To open your own account, you will have to deposit $50-100. If you want to earn $250-300 per month, the minimum capital will be $200.

17. Assistance in renting a property

You can open a small business for renting rooms and apartments without the Internet.

Proceed as follows:

Print ads for housing, such as "I'll rent an apartment in your house ...".

Post them daily near the entrances.

Take calls, arrange meetings with the owners.

Place advertisements for renting apartments (for example, in newspapers) and find tenants.

Starting capital is not required . Net income per month exceeds $250.

18. Handling cargo

What kind of business should a student do if he has a lot of energy and free time? You can become a loader and involve your friends in this.

Creating a site and buying rigging equipment will require $600. At first, earnings will not exceed $ 300 per month, but later you can grow into a successful company with a net income of $ 1,000.

19. Personal blog on Instagram

The most attractive business options for students include creating a personal Instagram blog .

To promote the page, it is recommended to use mass liking, mass following, advertising with other bloggers, mutual PR, targeting, participation in giveaways, contests and marathons.

It will take $1,000 to gain several thousand subscribers ( development will be slow if there is no investment ). Small blog owners earn about $200 a month.

20. Business on BTL services

Young people can create an advertising agency that provides BTL services .

The main activity is the distribution of leaflets on the streets, additional activities are tastings, distribution of free samples of goods.

You can become an entrepreneur without investment. Net profit reaches 600-800 dollars.

21. Organization of quests

Another good, and most importantly, interesting business for students . To create it, you will need $ 600-800 to rent a room and purchase inventory (most can be found at Avito and flea markets). Net income will be from $ 400 .

22. Mini hostel

You can open a small hostel in a rented apartment. The main thing is to get permission from the owner. It is advisable to choose unfurnished rooms and furnish them from scratch. It will take about $1,000 to start a business.

If there are at least 4 guests per day, the enterprise will bring more than $ 600 per month.

23. Mobile advertising

New business ideas include advertising on clothes, accessories, bicycles, dog costumes, etc. The student 's task is to send out proposals for cooperation to large city companies.

The idea is unusual , so there is a chance that entrepreneurs will appreciate it.

A business without investments can bring more than $ 300 monthly.

24. Renting out things

You can implement this idea even in a small town . If you don't have start-up capital, consider what personal items you can rent out.

It can be an old laptop, a game console, a camera, a tent, a beautiful dress, a bicycle, etc.

From the first profit, you can buy something else and increase momentum. Net income per month is $100-150.


Selling handicrafts brings good money - from $ 400 per month. You can buy art supplies in China (they are cheap on AliExpress). The starting capital will be about $200.

We reviewed the best business ideas for students that anyone can implement. They do not require large investments, so you can test different ways to earn money and find out which one suits you best.