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Ways to Save Money: 9 tips from someone who made a fortune 30 years ago!


Ways to Save Money

The dollar is growing, the national currency is falling, funds are melting like icicles in spring, goods are becoming more expensive... But you have to survive somehow. 

What to do? Advice is given by financial blogger Mr Money Mustache. Pete lives in Colorado and spends money wisely. 

With such a mind that at the age of 30 he stopped working, having accumulated hefty savings. In 2011, Pete creates his own blog and writes about his successes. 

His page is very popular with over 400,000 monthly visitors. The blogger calls his frugal lifestyle "Mustashian" and his followers "Mustashians". 

How to earn a good pension by the age of 30 and enjoy life? On this occasion, Pete shares his mustachian rules. 

1. Save 50% of your salary 

And do it immediately! Why plow more when you can spend less? If you do this from the age of 20, then after 17 years you can make a decent fortune and allow yourself the luxury of not working. According to Pete, it is pointless to save 10%, because the remaining 90% go to who knows what. 

That is, he derives the principle of awareness of spending. The blogger claims that he saved 66% of his earnings. Thanks to this, he worked for only 10 years and is now enjoying fatherhood. 

True, will our family budgets allow us to save most of the funds? Yes, even with our inflation and the endless ability of banks to “burn out” at the right time. Here's the question.

2. Do not have debts and loans 

Having debts, a person will always work to pay off debts. Or another option is possible. You work even harder, take part-time jobs, but the money is again spent on nonsense. 

That means more work, less money. If you have debt or credit, then do not spend money on anything until you pay off old bills. 

And in our conditions, loans and debts are always a big risk of hanging in bondage for a long time. 

3. Live and work in the same area 

Well, this is understandable. Saving not only money for transport, but also time. 

All over the world they are doing the right thing: first they look for work in a new place, then - housing next to work. 

With us, as always, the opposite is true. Pete saved $125,000 over 10 years this way. With our ridiculous salaries, such amounts of savings do not threaten us, but independence from public transport is already a big deal.

4. We must leave expensive cities 

What is a large modern city? Pandemonium... Crazy prices for housing and goods... Lines... Polluted air... Crazy rhythm... No green areas... Question: do you need it? 

Why is everyone so eager to go to the big cities? So if in a big city you are not kept by big business and huge money, leave closer to nature and silence, away from the stench and fuss. 

5. Do not take a car loan 

Of course, many people really want to. But remember, as often happens: a car can be stolen, or, God forbid, get into an accident on it. Then it is either an empty place or a pile of unnecessary metal. 

And the credit is real! And it will hang on you for a long time and tediously. If you don't have cash for a car, then you don't need it. And if you need it, take what you can afford.

6. Cycling 

Fuel is not needed. The gym is not needed. Public transport is not needed. When cycling, you can always calculate the time, get some fresh air and pump up your muscles. Some solid pluses!

7. Throw away the TV 

Everyone knows the detrimental effect of a zombie on the human psyche. Add more wasted time here. 

And also the imperceptible impact of advertising. Any of us know the thought: why did I buy this? 

And also a waste of electricity and payment if you have cable TV.

8. Eat Healthy Foods for $1 

Americans spend an average of $1,000 a month on food. We can only dream of such expenses. But still. 

Pete thinks you can dine on healthy food for $1. The rest is a waste of money. After all, they go to harmful fast foods. You need to plan the menu in advance and buy fresh products from the market. 

9. Work with your hands 

Pete offers to learn everything that will be useful at home for repairs. After all, it's really great when you do not depend on other people's masters. Plus savings on repairs, plus you develop yourself. 

You can also train at home - saving on a gym membership. By the way, this does not require expensive simulators. 

The same bicycle is suitable for legs, for hands - large plastic bottles of water. Good luck saving! Which of these tips would you use?