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What is a wish visualization board

In this article, we will explain what a desire visualization board is. How to make a visualization board with your own hands. Why is she needed. Why is it important to use this method to achieve the desired goals.

What is a visualization board

The visualization board  is the most ordinary board with photos from our happy future! A very good trick not to forget about the goal, about the delights of our future life.

What is a wish visualization board

Its essence is as follows. We take some kind of board (chalk, marker - it doesn't matter) or a stand, and ... we hang on it photographs and drawings from the life we ​​want to live. Will we have a car in the future? We hang a photo of this car on the board. Will we have a house in the future? Slap on the board photo of a house outside the city. Planning to visit Japan? And for a photo of Japan there is a place here. And we place many, many other similar drawings and photos on this board: we make a photo album of the future out of it.

Thus, looking at this board, we will immediately remember all the joys of our future life, and this will not let us give up now.

How to motivate yourself

The question is very serious . The problem of motivation is strong. It is very insidious in that even the strongest and most powerful, positive motivation fades after a while. If a person works, works, and does not see the results of his work, then he involuntarily gives up.

To be successful, you need to be a creator . Creation is patience, character. While creating, we may not see results for a long time. Do you need to somehow motivate yourself to work? Now we will consider one such trick - the visualization board.

So we found a board and decided to turn it into a visualization board. Let's start putting something in there.

What to put on the visualization board


The most “popular” sign of a successful person is their own car. Many men, women, teenagers, and pensioners often associate their success with the fact that they will finally switch from public transport to cars!

No need to jostle in a trolleybus or stand behind train tickets - we have our own car! And all roads are open to us. We can travel around the city and cottages, and during vacation periods - at sea, and even abroad! In general, what is there to think? Choose your favorite car and hang its photo on the board. Let it remind us of ourselves.


Many people have a cherished dream - to visit a particular country. Moreover, "cockroaches" in this respect are different for all people. Someone is attracted by Japan and the subtleties of the East, someone by Spain and the sound of flamenco heels, someone dreams of seeing Paris and the Eiffel Tower, someone by Rome and the Colosseum, someone by Barcelona and its castles, and someone in general in the depths soul savage and naturalist: he dreams of eating caterpillars in some African outback.

Travel is a great thing. This is the most beautiful, and at the same time perfectly motivating dream. We search the Internet for a beautiful, catchy photo of the country we longed for and hang it on the board. As soon as despondency floods in - immediately look at the board! Will help. Let's go further.

A private house

Another very popular "attribute" of a successful person is a country house. Who among us has not dreamed at least once to change an apartment for a real cottage?! Instead of 1-3 rooms - a whole floor, or even two.

As well as a sauna, a garage, a barbecue in the yard, pure nature and fresh air around! No one knocks, does not hammer the walls, does not reach with their repairs. It's good to be alone with your family in your own home. So, if in the future we have a house, we hang its photo on the board.

To your health

A successful person is necessarily a healthy person. Health is not only the absence of disease. Health is a toned body, beautiful appearance, sports, balanced nutrition. In addition to material wealth, you certainly need to wish yourself health as well.

After all, only a healthy mind can live in a healthy body. The spirit that is so necessary for a successful person. In addition, with your charge of vivacity, radiant smile and stunning appearance, you will infect with positive and all other people who are nearby. Be sure to put the appropriate photo on the board.

Profession and recognition of people

A successful person is not a loafer at all (a kind of Emelya, who lies on the stove: he does nothing, but money flows like a river to him and everything is served on a platter).

On the contrary , a successful person is, as a rule, a very enthusiastic person: he loves his job , customers, showing genuine interest in his field of activity.

A very commendable dream is to become a well-known specialist in your field, to receive thousands of recognitions from grateful clients. The photo will also decorate our board.

home and family

But the most important dream of a person is a house and a family. Find your soul mate, create a family with her, and together build your well-being and enjoy family life. Ride with the kids to the country, fishing, camping trips, mountains, seas.

Soon the kids will finish school, go to university and start building their own personal lives. And you will significantly increase relatives.

Family is happiness , and it is also necessary to dream about it. And our visualization board also has a place for our future family happiness.

Instead of a conclusion

So, this list ends. You can come up with many goals yourself . And now let's do this. Hang this board in a conspicuous place. And as soon as despondency begins to cover us, our hands will begin to fall - we immediately turn our eyes to the board. It will drive bad thoughts away.