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What to do if you don't have enough money to live

Many people wonder what to do if there is not enough money to live on. We will talk about the causes of lack of money and how to change the current situation. In the article you will find tips that will help you quickly improve your financial situation.

What to do if you don't have enough money to live

Signs that money is never enough

There are several "symptoms" that you urgently need money. These are high fixed costs (loan payments, rent), the need to save money, debts, lack of financial goals and savings.

If by the end of the month there are no funds left, you need to look for the answer to the question of what to do when there is no money.

Why is there not enough money

To answer the question why there is no money in the family, you need to analyze income and expenses . You may find that you are not earning enough or spending too much. Some have both the first and the second at the same time.

The situation is complicated by the constant rise in prices for goods and services. Living becomes more expensive, and the salary remains at the same level. The result is a shortage of money.

Many people cannot refuse relatives and acquaintances who ask for a loan. The inability to say “ no ” is a weakness that needs to be addressed . To be successful in life, you need to be able to prioritize.

What to do if there is not enough salary

How to live if money is always not enough? You can go one of two ways - reduce costs or increase income. We recommend doing both at the same time.

We cut costs

You can always cut costs by 10-20 % , even if it seems unrealistic to you.

First you need to find out what is the reason for the lack of money. To do this, take into account income and expenses.

Do bookkeeping on paper or in a mobile app ( Money Lover , CoinKeeper , Money Manager, Goodbudget, Zen Money).

Ways to cut costs if money is chronically short:

  • constant monitoring of prices, promotions, sales;
  • refusal of unnecessary services (landline phone, cable TV);
  • purchases (including joint purchases) in online stores;
  • optimization of utility services consumption;
  • repayment of debts, closing of credit cards;
  • quitting smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • purchase of used goods, exchange;
  • Refusal of unnecessary purchases, reduction of entertainment costs.

We increase income

What if the family does not have enough money, but it is impossible to reduce expenses? This problem is solved by increasing income. There are two methods:

  1. Qualitative - increase in earnings at the current or similar place of work.
  2. Quantitative - creating additional sources of income.

The qualitative method implies the search for a higher paid job or position, an increase in the length of the working day, and an increase in labor efficiency.

Use every opportunity - volunteer to work on weekends, follow the plan, get bonuses.

How to make money as a freelancer, entrepreneur? You can increase the cost of work or expand the business.

The quantitative method allows you to create an additional source of profit, minimize risks.

You can open a replenishable deposit in a bank, engage in speculation (currency, other assets), rent out property, sell unnecessary things, find additional part-time work online or offline.

Learning to budget

What should you do if money is always tight? You need to properly plan the budget , distributing finances according to three points.

First, we save money for the most necessary things (mortgage payments, utilities, education). Then - on what you can’t do without, but on what you can save (food, travel, clothing). If the money remains, we spend it on something that we can refuse (entertainment, visiting the gym, beauty salons).

Get a debit card with a balance in your account and save 10 % of your income . This money will be useful to you when you decide to open a business or go on a trip.

We change ourselves

The question of how to live if there is not enough money is often heard in the offices of psychologists. Experts recommend starting with a revision of your beliefs, thoughts, words.

You can make money affirmations and say them daily. Example: Money comes into my life easily, freely.

What to do if there is no money to buy the necessary

What to do if there is not enough money for a wife and children? Find additional sources of income for yourself and your spouse. If the wife is forced to sit with the child, look for business ideas for women on maternity leave.

What to do if there is not enough money for food, groceries? Learn to live within your means, refuse unnecessary goods and services. Buy products with discounts, track promotions (for example, in the Foodadil application ).

What to do if there is not enough money for clothes and shoes? Buy goods on sales, in second-hand stores. You can update your wardrobe with minimal cost on AliExpress , Avito , Yulia.

What might be accomplished soon

Do not complain about the fact that you are always short of money. Start making a difference:

  • Think about how to increase earnings at your current job.
  • Find a side job.
  • Get a notebook/application to keep track of expenses.
  • Plan your budget for the current month.

What can not be done?

Even if there is no money at all, you should not take loans from microfinance organizations - institutions that issue finance at a high percentage.

It turns out that together with the money a person receives a new expense item (you have to look for funds to repay the loan, pay interest).

What to do if there is a catastrophic lack of money

How to live if there is no money at all? Use every opportunity to earn money , from working on the Internet to distributing leaflets on the streets.

Carry out a complete audit, place advertisements for the sale of unnecessary things (furniture, clothes, shoes, household appliances, books). An additional source of income can be a business without investments .

We told why financial difficulties arise and answered the question of how to live if there is not enough money for anything. Pick a tip that appeals to you and use it today.