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What to write an article for a beginner copywriter

Most often, this question is asked by novice copywriters and bloggers, and maybe even experienced authors, in search of new ideas and inspiration! In this article, we will discuss this issue in depth and help each of the above to find a suitable option for themselves.

What to write an article for a beginner copywriter

As you know, on content exchanges, there is a section in which authors can post their articles for sale.

What to write an article for a beginner copywriter

Competition in this area is serious , but despite this, many manage to earn good money.

Each of the authors dreams that his article would be bought as soon as possible, some are lucky, others can spend a very long time waiting. Let's remember the phrase - "there will be demand and there will be supply."

To begin with, it does not hurt to think about who might be in the place of your potential buyer. There are not so many options.

1. Owners of informational websites are portals, online magazines, blogs (although most often bloggers prefer to fill their resources with content on their own).

Texts about tourism, health, real estate, medicine, beauty, children, psychology, construction, website building, business are the key to your success in this niche.

2. Also, active buyers of text content on the stock exchanges are representatives of various companies that promote their goods and various types of services via the Internet, using a website that, like any other, needs text content.

Let's take for example the 3 most popular, commercial areas and find out what they can be interested in:

Travel Agencies – They will love travel articles. About going on a honeymoon, vacation…

Online stores - they will be interested in texts with useful tips on how to choose a particular product (vacuum cleaner, TV, phone, etc.).

Construction companies will be happy to buy articles about construction work, building materials, repairs.

Do not forget about holidays, articles on topics dedicated to holidays will be in demand in the pre-holiday period. They will be of interest to both owners of information projects and online stores.

Of course, it is better to write articles on topics in which you understand at least a little , first of all it will be easier for you. Suppose you are a young mother, write about the correct introduction of complementary foods for a child, or about what method to use to restore the figure after childbirth.

Judge for yourself how many more everyday issues from your life may be of interest to women who have recently given birth. Even experienced ones, because sometimes you want to refresh your memory. Nobody limits you in anything.

And what if I do not understand the topic of the article I want to write - you ask? Of course, there is a way out of this situation, the good old rewriting will help you with this.

To do this, open a search engine, enter a question on the topic of which you are going to write an article and read the first few articles. Then you digest it all, think it over, draw up a rough plan and write.

In order to become a successful copywriter or blogger, you will also need to familiarize yourself with such a wonderful service as Yandex Wordstat ( and learn how to use it.

With it, you can find out the number of popular (and not so) queries (keywords, phrases) of users of the Yandex search engine over the past month, which will help you decide on the topic of your future article.

Note to every new blogger

If you fill your resource with content and want to receive regular, passive income from it, you need to take this work seriously.

It is easier to write an article for sale in the sense that it is written, sold and forgotten. That is, he received money for his work once, and then he no longer cares what amendments will be made to the text, what links will be inserted, for what purposes it will be done.

After you have sold the text, the task of making a profit from it passes into the hands of the webmaster, and he himself begins to optimize it for the desired search query, do internal linking, and add images.

He will do all this not for fun , but in order to make the article more relevant and influence the ranking in the search results.

But that's not all, even if your article turns out to be sufficiently optimized and relevant to the search query and gets into the top, the fact how firmly it gains a foothold and stays there will depend on the behavioral factors of visitors.

A few years ago, optimizing an article was much easier, for this it was enough to insert keywords into the text and fill in the tags with them.

Unfortunately, not all webmasters turned out to be conscientious and a lot of different junk that does not carry useful information, that is, spam, began to get to the top of the search results.

People were indignant at this, which by itself had a bad effect on the reputation of Yandex.

Yandex took all this into account and tightened the rules by introducing filters. Now too often repeating keywords in the text can cause more harm to the article than good, everything should be in moderation.

And the relevance of the article is more influenced by other factors. One of which is internal links. It is important that in 1 text they occur at least 3-5 times, both incoming and outgoing. Links must be anchor.

Let's consider an example . Suppose you decide to write a book review. That is, the title of the article and the name of the author will be the key query for which the article will be optimized.

What do you think will be of interest to people who enter this query into the search? Most likely they will pursue 2 goals - book reviews and online reading. The second factor is very easy to solve by inserting a link at the end of the article to a good, high-quality site where the book will be available for online reading.

But it's in your best interest for the visitor to spend as much time as possible on your page. It is impossible for him to open it and quickly close it, continuing his search further. This is considered a bounce, and the more such bounces, the lower the article in the search results, until it completely disappears from sight, and with it your passive income.

Your main task is to captivate the visitor with your text, write interestingly, insert images into the text, internal links to similar articles. And from similar articles to this one.

This is very important, because when ranking an article, the search engine takes into account all outgoing and incoming links to the page, both external and internal.

If the links to the article are anchor, that is, consist of the title of the article, search engines will find it more relevant and love it.

For example , in an article called "How to Stop Worrying", we can insert a link to articles about anxiety, shyness, stress, fear, anxiety about how to deal with it.

Most likely, readers will make transitions through them and read the information, since it is of a thematic nature. And it is these factors that prompted readers to search for this book.

The conclusion is this : if you want to write an article about something, try to choose a topic that you can continue and write about 3-5 more articles on it that are similar in meaning. This will positively affect its ranking in the search and behavioral factors of visitors.