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11 Best Chatbot Builders and Services

Chatbots reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. They advise, warm up the audience before launching new products, lead the buyer through the sales funnel. At the same time, according to statistics, the open rate of messages in instant messengers and social networks is 75–80%. In comparison, email newsletters are read by only 30% of users.

In this article, we will talk about tools for creating chatbots. Here is a set of constructors and services. You don't need a programmer or designer to use them.

Services for creating a chat bot in Telegram, WhatsApp, VK and other platforms

In the review, you will find out which service is suitable for your messenger or social network, how much it costs to build and run your own bot, which platforms have a free trial period.


The service creates bots that help the sales department. The designer uses elements of artificial intelligence. With the help of AI tags, bots learn to understand customer questions and choose the right answer. It is possible to connect a “live” employee if the algorithm fails.

Bots can collect customer data, make mailings to an unlimited number of users, notify managers about new orders. There is a convenient option for segmenting the contact base: sales scenarios are adjusted to different groups of customers.

Wide integration options: interacts with CRM systems, Google Sheets, warehouse storage programs, payment systems.

Platforms : Telegram, Viber, VK.

Feature : mini landing pages for chatbots. Links to bot pages for use in targeted advertising are created automatically. Useful for capturing leads and improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Prices : There is a tariff with a monthly payment and an annual connection. The cost is from 2,000 ₽ per month to 50,000 ₽ per year. You can try it for free for 15 days. During this period, the full range of functions is available, but the number of users is limited.


The platform combines the capabilities of creating chat bots, smart calls and voice menus. The service uses elements of AI and Machine Learning. In the course of work, the service improves itself: it learns to recognize customer requests by keywords.


The service is tailored to work in WhatsApp: it constructs chat bots and creates mini-landing pages for switching from targeted advertising. The bot is configured in 10 minutes in the form of a branched algorithm.

There are all the necessary integrations for making payments and managing the client base: amoCRM, Bitrix24, Google Sheets, YuKassa, YuMoney, Robokassa.

A useful feature: the bot settings can be constantly adapted to the needs of the audience. The result is an individual product that takes into account the characteristics of a particular business.

The service has ample analytics capabilities even in the free plan. For example, Watbot identifies the products and services that generate the most revenue.

Platforms : whatsapp.

Chip : Identifies large clients and transfers communication to a "live" manager.

Pricing : The free plan can be used if the number of subscribers is less than 500. Integration with other services is not available. Paid tariff without functionality limitation – from 990 ₽ per month.


The platform is positioned as a comprehensive sales and marketing automation tool. Here you can create complex bots with variable scripts for dialogues and reactions. Send documents, videos, voice messages in chats.

All standard CRM functions are also available in the service: accounting of interactions with clients, creation of cards, storage of correspondence history.

Integration with popular payment services. It is noteworthy that there is the possibility of integration with Avito.

Platforms : Telegram, Viber, VK, FB, WhatsApp, OK.

Feature : Built-in cloud telephony. The call history is stored in the client's card.

Prices : From the free plan to 1,590 ₽ per month. The premium version has a free trial period of 3 days.

smart sender

It implements automatic sales funnels and the ability to add a product showcase right inside the bot. To use the service, you will need a company page on social networks, and for WhatsApp, a verified business account.

You can make mailings in messengers and email, as well as send push notifications. At the same time, the client base is divided into segments, scenarios are configured individually for each group. In the near future, expansion of functions is expected: the launch of an internal CRM and the connection of widgets.

Integrates with payment systems, external CRMs and more than 2000 different platforms. It is possible to upload applications to Google Sheets.

Platforms : WhatsApp, VK, Telegram, Viber, Skype, FB.

Feature : In September 2022, the Smart Webinars feature was launched. Now you can organize online training in the service - useful for tutors and coaches.

Pricing : There is a free use option with a wide range of features but a limited number of subscribers. The paid plan starts from 3.5 € per 1,000 subscribers.


One of the largest services for creating chat bots, SMS, push and email newsletters. There are ready-made blocks for constructing scripts in the chat and drafting letters. The algorithm can be trained to automatically respond to keywords in a dialog.

Embedded CRM allows you to organize all the work of the sales department on one platform. Extensive integration options, including with Tilda and WordPress.

On March 21, 2022, the company decided to stop working in Russia. Current contracts are being executed, but access to technical support has been terminated. New clients will not be able to connect.

Platforms : Telegram, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, FB.

Feature : You can create one-page sites (landing pages) and online stores within the service.

Prices : Test period - 7 days. The free tariff is valid if there are less than 500 subscribers. Further, each service has its own tariff scale. Email mailings - from $8 per month.


A minimalist chat builder with a basic set of features. Registration and creation of a bot takes about 10 minutes - the dialogue is assembled from ready-made blocks.

The bot will help customers place an order in an online store or delivery service, choose the date and time of a visit to the master, record and send a reminder. Through BotTap, you can launch automatic mailings in messengers and by email. In advanced tariffs, metrics, statistics and downloading requests to Excel tables are available. Integrates with QIWI, YuMoney, YuKassa payment services and YClients online booking service .

Platforms : Telegram, Viber, VK, FB.

Chip : there are ready-made dialog templates for different services.

Prices : Three tariff plans from 99 to 1,190 ₽ per month. Free trial period - 7 days.


A tool for constructing chat bots in Telegram. You can assemble a bot from ready-made blocks or create it individually.

The chatbot communicates with customers 24/7 and unloads the sales department. You can teach the bot to talk about loyalty programs, conduct customer surveys, and lead through these functions from the first touch to the purchase.

Platforms : Telegram.

Chip : If there is no possibility or desire to create and configure bots on your own, you can order a turnkey service.

Prices : There is a free tariff with a limit on the number of subscribers and reduced functionality. A paid plan costs from 1,250 to 25,000 ₽ per month: the more subscribers, the more expensive.


One of the most popular chat bot constructors for VK and Telegram. It is used by many well-known online stores and delivery services. About 300,000 bots have been created on the Robochat platform. Suitable for both companies and individuals.

It is noteworthy that a wide range of functions is available already during the test period and in the free plan. For example, statistics and uploading applications to Google Sheets. Usually, such tools are offered only in paid tariff plans.

Integrates with Qiwi and UMoney payment services. The trial and free versions have a turnover limit.

Platforms : Telegram, VK.

Feature : Automatic sales funnels and message packs are already available in the free version.

Prices : Free trial period - 7 days. There is a trial paid access for 99 ₽ for 3 days. Further - from 990 ₽ per month.


The service helps to activate lead generation in the commodity business and the service sector. Here you can create bots that will be present simultaneously on several platforms. You only need pages in social networks and channels in instant messengers.

The bot will gather an audience for mailings, announce posts on social networks, and offer to register for the event. There are ready-made templates for various scenarios. BotHelp is convenient to use as a platform for running online marathons.

Integration with payment services and CRM systems.

Platforms : Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and VK.

Feature : All bots can be managed through a single window.

Prices : Free trial period - 14 days. Further, two tariff scales are offered. For individuals by subscription from 990 ₽ per month. For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with closing documents - from 96,000 ₽ for 6 months.


A popular chatbot design service for the service industry. The bot is assembled and configured in a convenient visual editor.

The mailing list can be segmented so that only relevant content is sent to users. A useful feature: you can create a mailing list, configure it, but not start it immediately, but set a delayed time.

Depending on the goals, you can choose from ready-made templates.

In addition to standard integrations with CRM and payment services, bots can be linked to SMS notifications and helpdesk systems.

Platforms : Telegram, Viber, VK, FB, OK.

Chip : As an additional service, you can connect the Userdesk service, which manages calls to technical support.

Prices : Free trial period - 14 days. Then you can choose one of three paid access options. Price - from 916 ₽ per month, if you pay immediately for the year. Monthly payment is more expensive - from 1,100 ₽ per month.


Most designers and services work with all popular instant messengers and social networks. You can choose the platform where the interface will seem more convenient to the user. There are exceptions: products created separately for Telegram or WhatsApp.

Almost everywhere there is an opportunity to test or use the product for free. The functionality in this case will most likely be limited.