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Crisis conditions present certain difficulties for companies.

But they also provide new opportunities for development. Using difficult conditions with maximum benefit and a guarantee of minimizing financial, production, and other risks allows competent anti-crisis management. It is a process of analyzing the symptoms of a crisis, making a forecast for an organization / enterprise, assessing the possible effectiveness of crisis factors and the possibility of using them for the development of a company.

Crisis management includes two components:

  • prevention of the coming crisis (for a particular enterprise);
  • overcoming the crisis, reducing the severity of its consequences (primarily financial).

Professional anti-crisis management has the ultimate overall goal of maintaining the competitiveness of the company, strengthening its position in the market sector. In a narrow sense, it allows you to avoid bankruptcy during a crisis, maintain solvency and the status of a legal entity. Such management can be applied at any enterprise, regardless of the organizational and legal form, economic status, length of life cycle.