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Facebook Ads Manager - The Most Comprehensive App Review

Facebook Ads Manager - The Most Comprehensive App Review

Facebook developers try to regularly update their services for businesses and bloggers, as well as release new ones. We have already written about Brand Collabs Manager and Facebook Business Suite , and today we will analyze a mobile application for advertising.

In the article we will tell you how to download the application, what features it has and how to use it.

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Facebook Ads Manager - what is it and how to use it

As the name suggests, Facebook Ads Manager is a mobile application for placing ads on Facebook and Instagram.

How to download: the application is available in the App Store and Google Play, you can find it by name. Here's what it looks like on marketplaces:


The application does not have its own registration - it is associated with a Facebook advertising account, so you first need to register on the social network. You can also do this through the application, if you click on the line "Registration on Facebook". Having an account, it remains to enter an email address or phone number and password in the application.

Personal account overview

Immediately after authorization, you can watch 5 lessons on working with the application and running advertising campaigns through it.

In the future (after the launch of the first ads), the main page of the application displays the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and their list.

How to create an ad

In the application, you can create ads and view ads launched with Ads Manager.

Step 1: Create a Campaign

To create an ad through the application, click on the "Create Ad" button on the main page or go to the burger menu (3 horizontal bars) and click "Create Campaign". You can also click on the big plus in the green circle in the lower right corner.

Here you can create a new campaign, duplicate an existing one, or work with draft ads.

Step 2. Selecting a target

As in the web version of Ads Manager, in this application, you first need to select the goal of the advertising campaign, for example, send traffic to the site (we will choose this goal as a test).

Step 3. Creating a creative

Next, select an image for our ad. The format depends on the location. The image can be cropped and scaled.

If you click on the editing tool, an additional window will open where you can overlay the logo on top of the picture, add text and apply filters.

At the bottom of the screen, select the ad format, the default is one image, but you can change it to a carousel (with two or more images), an ad with a video, or an ad from a Facebook post.

You can also separately customize the image for stories.

Templates are available for stories (to find them, you need to click on the word "Templates"), although there are very few of them - only 7 pieces, so it's easier to upload a finished picture.

Clicking on the editing tool opens a window where you can edit the text, change the image, and delete the template.

After we figured out the image, click on the arrow in the lower right corner and go to the rest of the settings.

Step 4. Setting up the ad

Here we set up the main ad parameters - text, image, title, CTA buttons.

Placement of stories - is affixed according to the previously selected, but it can be changed. You can also add other placements.

Headline - write a selling headline with a length of no more than 255 characters. Despite the fact that the title is not the most visible part of the ad, unlike the creative and description, you should not ignore it.

Body text - This is the part of the ad that should show the user a benefit or solution to their problem so that they want to click on the ad. Ideally, the text should contain a unique selling proposition. Do not write too long texts - a couple of sentences are enough.

Site - here we indicate a link to your web resource.

Call to action - select a button with a target action: go to the store, book, listen now, learn more, register, download (10 types of CTA buttons are available in total).