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How to submit modified webpage content to Google?

Updating content is one of the routine tasks of webmasters and bloggers. However, it takes a long time for Google to index updated content. Until then, you will see the old meta description and title in Google search results. To speed up indexing, after updating your content, you must submit the modified content to Google. This will help Google re-index the updated content and display it in search results.

What scripts need to be reindexed?

The following are some of the situations in which you can request a re-index.

Updated content in the article

Removed a page and merged content with another page

Changed the URL and set up a 301 redirect

Website moved to another domain

Split a website into two or more domains, subdomains, or subdirectories

When changing the URL, be sure to submit the new URL to Google and set up a 301 redirect from the old URL. This will help you maintain the old URL's position in the search engine rankings.

Prerequisites for submitting modified content

The Google Search Console is the only option available to webmasters for submitting new and modified content. To request reindexing, you must have the following:

Have a Google Search Console account . If you don't have one, sign up using your Google account.

Submit your website and verify ownership.

Submit your XML Sitemap (optional step).

Content management systems like WordPress allow you to create an XML sitemap using plugins. You can submit this XML Sitemap so that Google can crawl all the pages on your site. However, when you've changed the content, there will be an additional option in Search Console to request reindexing.

URL Inspection Tool

Google Search Console has a URL checker tool to check the indexing status of your URL. In addition to checking the status, you can also request that changed content be re-indexed.

Testing the content of the currently indexed page

Follow the instructions below to submit your modified web page content to Google:

Sign in to your Google Search Console account.

If you have multiple websites, select them in the top left corner.

Click the "Verify URL" link to highlight the search field in the top bar.

Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool

Enter the modified URL in the text box and click the search icon.

Google will fetch the content of the page and you will see the progress box as shown below.

Getting Indexed Data

After a few seconds, you will get the details of the submitted URL as shown below. Depending on the situation, you will see that the URL is in Google or available to Google. Click "View crawled page" to check the contents of the indexed page.

View the contents of a scanned page

Valid URL Check
Unfortunately, you can only view the HTML content of an indexed page. To view the screenshot in the Screenshot tab, you should check the valid URL.

Scanned HTML content

Click the "Screenshot" tab and click the "Check Live URL" link.

Check Valid URL

Again, you will see how the actual URL is tested.

Live URL Check Status

Finally, you will see a screenshot of your live page. This is only so that Google can crawl and find the last updated page you want to request for reindexing.

View a screenshot of the actual URL

How to submit modified webpage content to Google?
Now that you have checked if the page is on Google or not and have taken a live screenshot of the page. You can now click on the "Request indexing" link next to "Page changed?" option.

Request Indexing

This will send a re-index request to Google to crawl the changed content in the submitted URL.

Submit index request

After a successful submission, you will see a message similar to the one below to confirm the reindexing status

Index request message

You will see that the status has changed to "Indexing Requested". In case you would like to request again, please click the "Request Again" link to resubmit your request.

Request again

Questions about query indexing
Here are some of the questions you may have after submitting content.

Can I submit any URL?

The requested URL must be part of the selected domain. You cannot request URLs that are not part of the selected domain property.

How many times can I request indexing?

There is a limitation on using the URL Inspection tool. As far as we have checked, this is 500 URLs per week.

How long does Google need to show updated content?

It depends on the indexing queue. Google doesn't explicitly state how long it will take. It may take several days for new content to appear in search results.

Will multiple submissions affect indexing?

No, submitting the same URL multiple times will not affect the priority of the indexing queue.

Can I submit an AMP page?

Yes, you can test both AMP and regular pages with the URL Inspection Tool.