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In this article, we have collected original business ideas from around the world. These are fresh and original ideas for starting a business that will interest consumers and bring good profits. You can implement them both in a metropolis and in a small town.

TOP 20 original business ideas

1. Printing 3D sweets

Original business ideas include printing sweets (candy, pastries, cookies, cake decorating, etc.). Having bought a high-quality 3D printer , you will be able to sell goods yourself and deliver them to catering establishments. You should start with the purchase of equipment and obtaining all necessary permits.

2. Production of logo clouds

The idea of ​​creating branded clouds came to us from America. To open a business, you will have to buy an apparatus that whips foam and releases it into the air.

To create "clouds" in the form of logos, stencils are used, which are drawn on a computer, cut out and installed in the machine's socket.

3. Prayer booth

Another original business is the creation of prayer booths - booths with screens and vending devices. The latter are equipped with built-in cash registers and sound systems that allow prayers to be played in different languages. It is better to open your business in a large city , where representatives of different faiths live.

4. Sale of chameleon clothes

An original business for women can be the sale of clothes that change color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The production technology of products is simple. The secret lies in the use of thermal transfer film, which is attached to the fabric with a press or iron.

If desired, such clothes can not only be sold, but also rented out (for example, for photo shoots).

5. Sale of electric generating tiles

The most original business ideas come to us from Europe , and this one is no exception. The essence of the project is to sell a tile that generates electricity every time it is stepped on. With the right positioning, you can count on big profits (mainly from cooperation with government agencies and shopping centers).

6. Selling product kits

In supermarkets in the US and Europe, you can find ready-made kits for preparing various dishes. This simplifies life, because it eliminates the need to go shopping in search of the right products.

The most difficult thing in implementing this idea is to negotiate with supermarkets about the possibility of placing their products in them.

7. Sale of air conditioners with mosquito repellent

Original business ideas with minimal investment include the purchase of certain goods and their subsequent resale to consumers. As a product, you can use split systems that regulate the temperature in the room and repel mosquitoes due to built-in ultrasonic devices. You can buy such equipment in China or Korea.

8. Organization of alcohol quests

A fresh idea for entertainment lovers is the organization of quests that involve the search for or moderate consumption of alcohol. Oddly enough, to create such a business, you need to think soberly and foresee the possible consequences. You will also have to find a room with a separate entrance and make good soundproofing.

9. Bookstore with one book

When discussing creative business ideas, one cannot fail to mention the one that came to the mind of a businessman from Tokyo. He opened a bookstore for the first time, which has only one book, which changes once a week.

To implement a business project, it is not necessary to rent a separate room. You can rent a small island in the mall.

10. Blood for goods

A non-standard idea from Portugal is to create a store where everyone can exchange their blood for various goods. People who agree to become donors can sign the relevant papers and undergo a blood sampling procedure under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

11. Selling pots with their own watering system

If you are looking for original business ideas from scratch, you will be interested in the idea of ​​selling flower pots. At the top of such products are tanks designed for slow watering without human intervention.

You can sell pots on your own, as well as with the help of household, flower and other stores.

12. Create eco-portraits

Original business ideas include making grass portraits. To do this, vertically arranged canvases with a lawn are left in a dark room and negatives of photographs are projected onto them. When you turn on the light, it turns out that in some places the grass turned yellow, while in others it remained dark.

13. Gym on wheels

An interesting business option for men is the organization of a gym on wheels. This idea can "shoot" both in a large and in a small city. To implement it, you need to buy a spacious van and place multifunctional simulators in it.

A mobile gym can run around the city, stopping in different areas, and also come “at home” to especially busy or shy clients.

14. Key storage

Considering the original types of business, we should mention the production of duplicate keys, their storage and delivery. A person brings the keys to the company, makes duplicates and leaves them in a separate cell. In case of loss, an employee of the company delivers the necessary key to the client within 1 hour.

15. Sale of fogging systems

Even the most original small business can be relatively easy to implement. An example is the sale of fogging systems. Evaporating water cools the air and cleans it of dust, increases the level of humidity, and helps to fight insects. Systems can be installed in summer cottages, restaurants, cafes, etc.

16. Tractor rental

Original business ideas for a small town include organizing tractor rides. A person can independently sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, admire the rural landscapes and even participate in the harvest.

You can implement this idea without investment. It is enough to agree on cooperation with some farmer.

17. Organization of airship flights

To open your own flight management business, you will have to buy an airship, equip a parking lot, obtain a pilot's license and permission to fly. Creating such a business requires serious investments and takes a lot of time.

18. Drawing images on flowers

There are original small business ideas that you can implement at home . An example is the business of printing text and designs on flower petals. To open it, it is enough to buy a special film.

19. Sale of "smoke" protection against thieves

A new business idea is to sell and install fog generators that turn on when someone breaks into a home and confuse thieves.

Smoke fog is safe for people and animals, does not leave marks on furniture and finishing materials.

20. Delivery with quadcopters

To start your own business, it is enough to buy a drone . Using the device, you can deliver packages (food, gifts, flowers, etc.) within your city. Rumors about such a delivery will spread quickly, so you will have to invest in advertising at a minimum.

In this article, we have collected the most original business ideas from around the world . You can choose any of them and be the first to implement it in your city.