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TOP 25 unusual and creative business ideas

In this article, we have collected unusual business ideas that can interest consumers and bring good profits. By studying these creative business ideas from around the world, you will understand what is hot at the moment and you will be able to create your own, innovative, successful business.

TOP 25 unusual and creative business ideas

1. 3D printing houses

An unusual business from the USA , the essence of which is to quickly and inexpensively print houses. According to the creators of the idea, the printing of a one-story house with an area of ​​​​60 square meters. m. takes no more than 24 hours and $ 10,000. There is a possibility that in the future the price will be reduced to $4,000.

2. Store of expired goods

Many business ideas come to us from America and Europe, and this one is no exception. In the West, social shops selling expired goods are popular.

Only those products that were stored in the right conditions and did not have time to deteriorate get on the shelves.

3. Sale of bulletproof tights

In America, super strong tights for women are in demand . They are made from the same materials as bulletproof vests and are 10 times stronger than steel. These tights can be stretched to any length without fear that they will tear.

4. Baby feeding booths

An interesting business idea is to create mobile booths designed for breastfeeding. Such booths are installed at airports, railway stations, shopping centers, etc.

They are equipped with folding tables, benches, feeding dispensers, air conditioning, USB outlets for charging mobile devices and trash cans.

5. VR game bowls

An interesting startup for a man will be the sale of chairs for fans of virtual reality . Such chairs are made in the form of bowls, rotate in 2 planes. If you use them together with virtual reality glasses, you can completely immerse yourself in the game and forget about the existence of the outside world.

6. Shoes with a navigator

If you are looking at unusual ideas for starting a business, you can’t help but mention the sale of special GPS shoes. Such products allow you to get to the right address without using a smartphone . They are equipped with built-in navigators that “show” the way through vibration.

7. Package with memories

A non-standard business idea is to create memory cells in which everyone can leave a package for their friends and relatives. The main consumers of the service are elderly and seriously ill people who are on the verge of death.

The task of the company is to receive parcels and deliver them to the specified addresses.

8. Bluetooth locks

Those who are looking for unusual business ideas will be interested in selling "contactless" locks. The electronic lock opens automatically when the distance between it and the owner's phone is reduced to 1-2 meters. Smartphones tend to be discharged, so the locks have special panels for entering a password .

9. Tattoos on the teeth

Unusual business ideas from scratch include getting tattoos on your teeth. This idea will be of interest to orthopedic dentists involved in the manufacture and installation of crowns. You can make an unusual tattoo without the participation of the client. To do this, you will need a cast of the tooth and a sketch of the image.

10. Commemorative decorations

Studying the most unusual business ideas, one cannot fail to mention the creation of glass jewelry, in which the ashes of deceased relatives, friends or pets are sealed. To organize such a business, you need to have a glass-blowing workshop.

11. Production of "indestructible" furniture

Any pet or child can ruin furniture in minutes . Therefore, families with children and animals can sell furniture covered with a special fabric.

The main difficulty is to find a material that is resistant to pollution.

12. Sale of suitcases-wardrobes

If you are looking for unusual business ideas with minimal investment, take a look at the idea related to the sale of wardrobe suitcases. Such suitcases transform into small cabinets with shelves, which makes it easy to pack and find things.

13. Slippers with parking sensors

Creative business ideas from Japan include the sale of slippers equipped with small wheels that can "park" themselves in the right place. Such products are bought by both large companies (for example, hotel complexes) and ordinary people.

14. Smart air fresheners

When exploring unusual business ideas, one cannot fail to mention air fresheners that are controlled via smartphones or other mobile devices.

Using the application, you can turn the diffuser on or off, as well as monitor the amount of liquid in it.

15. Aquarium with goldfish

An example of an unusual business idea in a small town is the installation of an aquarium with goldfish. When a person inserts money into a bill acceptor, the fish get some food, and the person gets the opportunity to make a wish . You can implement such an idea in a shopping center, for example, in the food court area.

16. Making monster rockers

Modern children are no longer delighted with classic horses, which prompted a company from the CIS to start a monster rocking chair business. This idea can be adopted by anyone.

To implement it, you will need plywood, shaped cutting equipment, safe paints and varnishes and screws to connect parts.

17. Comprehensive workout app

It is worth starting the creation of a project with negotiations with famous fitness trainers and bloggers . The essence of the idea is to create an application that combines audio workouts for fitness, yoga, running and meditation. Profits will be made up of monthly / annual subscription fees and advertising revenue.

18. Production of wooden constructors

The most unusual business ideas are related to children, and this one is no exception. In the UK, a wooden constructor has been developed, the elements of which are connected to each other using magnets.

Anyone can create such a business. The main thing is to purchase equipment and hire wood carvers.

19. Sale of toilet hoses

The most unusual small business ideas include selling hoses that allow you to urinate in any bottle. Such goods are popular among taxi drivers , truckers and residents of large cities who are forced to regularly stand in traffic jams.

20. Wallpapers that don't let Wi-Fi through

An example of an unusual business idea in the city is the sale of wallpapers that do not pass Wi-Fi. Such finishing materials are inexpensive, so they can be resold at a premium, as well as provide gluing services.

21. Delivery of "tasty help"

An interesting idea is to create a cafe that delivers food to those who need it - about to celebrate a birthday, getting ready for a session, or just feeling sad.

To open your own business, you will have to obtain many permits from the relevant authorities.

22. Recipe book

Movie fans will be interested in the idea of ​​​​creating a book dedicated to cooking dishes from various films and TV shows. The main challenge is to develop and test recipes and find a good publisher.

23. Restaurant in the dark

This business project is not new, but rather unusual. The idea is to create a restaurant or cafe where guests can eat in complete darkness. To open a business, you will have to rent a spacious room and obtain the appropriate permits.

24. Lumo concrete production

Fans of non-standard solutions can start making lumo concrete - a stone that glows in the dark . Equipment for organizing such a business will fit in a garage or other small room.

25. Production of "live" notebooks

By purchasing a license from an official manufacturer, you can create "live" notebooks. The characters on their covers come to life as soon as a child points a smartphone camera at them.

In the article, we have listed the most unusual business ideasthat work and make a profit. You can choose any of them and adapt to your needs.