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Where is Yandex, Zen and News now, and how to enter them?

Yandex closed the sale of Zen and News. These services were now owned by VK.

Users will gradually notice all adjustments to Yandex services relating to the sale of Zen and News.

How to enter Yandex?

The main page of the Yandex search engine is now available at Here you can also go to your Yandex ID personal account, mail, and also use other Yandex services - Taxi, Food, Kinopoisk and others

How to enter Yandex?

Also, users will have access to a universal search - to search for anything and anywhere, search verticals - to find, for example, pictures or products, and Alice - to quickly get answers.

In addition, Yandex search is still available on the Zen website.

In the Yandex app for iOS, everything will be the same as before, only without Zen and News. The Android application will change its name to Yandex Start and will function as a browser, with the ability to select a start page in the settings. Later, another application will be released for Android.Yandex with Alice is what it will be named.

Where have Zen and News gone?

Already now, opening, you will not be taken to the main page of Yandex, but to the portal, where Zen and News are now located. In the meantime, here you can go to Yandex services. It will be so permanently or not, it is not reported.

The stories totally maintain their current appearance: they retain the digest, media block, the "More about the event", "Most quoted" block, and the official comments. The top news is also included on the new page under the heading "Now in the media."

In Yandex search, instead of the “Now in the media” block, there will be a new block “Recent search results”. It contains the most recent (relevant) materials indexed by the search robot that match the search query, including those from the news feed. Having a feed with fresh news content allows the search algorithm to work with more up-to-date feed data.

Links from the materials in the block will lead to the pages of publications and will not lead to Zen News stories.

The Zen app will still work.

Earlier, Yandex introduced a new personal account Yandex ID , and VKontakte a new profile design .