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How to switch to remote work: the pros and cons of remote work

How to switch to remote work: the pros and cons of remote work

Recently, remote work has become especially popular. Most people very often think about how to start earning remotely. Especially strongly this question touched those who go to their work through force, without feeling great love for it. Yes, and the thought of the advantage of a free schedule, work from anywhere in the world, with the ability to travel and earn at the same time, inspires people so much that they are ready to jump out of their office chair, write a letter of resignation and immediately start conquering freelance spaces .

Most employees agree to work remotely even for less pay, because in large cities it can take up to several hours to get to the office one way, and time today is a very valuable resource, and it turns out that it is wasted.

Remote work is very comfortable and convenient, since all activities can be performed without leaving home and without adjusting to the tight schedules of companies.

As for the situations of the pandemic time, right here far off paintings is typically taken into consideration a actual trend, seeing that with a view to carry out your responsibilities you do now no longer want to go to a crowded workplace each day and be uncovered to the chance of infection.

And it virtually is an outlet for hundreds of thousands of humans across the world. Moreover, now any individual can formally be at the team of workers below an employment contract, remotely maintain a sure function and, consistent with all of the rules, obey the employer.

Law on the transition to remote work

The term "remote work" in its name is equated to "remote work", therefore both of these concepts are correct, but the name "remote type of activity" will still be more correct.

Remote employees also fully comply with all work agreements, as well as in the office. There is a law regarding the transition to remote work, entered into force and regulated by labor law in the United States of America. It confirms widely used measures to move individual workers to telework, and provides guarantees of full pay and other benefits for teleworking.

It is believed that in the absence of a permanent employer, the type of activity is called freelancing. Such concepts are mainly common among remote workers themselves, since there are no such concepts in the legislation.

How can I switch to remote work?

In order to make the transition to remote work, you first need to find out at your current job whether it is possible to switch to a remote format .

First of all, you need to talk to your management and explain the reasons why you decided to start working remotely. For example, you do not like to spend several hours on a long road from home to office, and this job in this case is the only right decision.

If such an choice is pretty realistic, then all of the info of this transition must be discussed. If this isn't always possible, you then definately must reflect onconsideration on in addition improvement in the framework of this campaign.

Usually humans transfer to far off paintings mode immediately at the Internet. When seeking out vacancies, you could touch the employers themselves immediately, seeing that it is able to regularly flip out that on the cutting-edge second there aren't anyt any appropriate vacancies withinside the decided on agency.

You also can write a letter to control describing your thoughts and suggestions, indicating how you'll be useful. There is a excessive opportunity that the agency will need to paintings with you on a few precise conditions, no matter the reality that there aren't anyt any vacancies to your field.

Therefore, you should not be shy, on the contrary, you need to show the greatest activity and openly offer the full range of your services.

How can an employee switch to remote work yet?

You can also send a response to vacancies with activities located in the office. For example, you have found a suitable job, which specifically states that it is an office job and is located at such and such an address.

Feel free to respond and write a letter in which you should detail your full professional experience and attach relevant evidence explaining why you should be in this position and 

how you may be beneficial to the company .

But on the equal time, it's far important to make clear which you stay in such and one of these metropolis and are prepared to paintings very productively in a far flung activity. As a rule, even big corporations can be aware of one of these letter, however simplest if the professional in reality merits it.

Increasingly, customers, employers, companies and distinctive corporations are switching to far flung paintings, at the same time as now no longer being confined to their metropolis. They are inclined to pay respectable money, even in case you stay in a far flung outback. You don’t even must pick out simplest Russia, because there are a whole lot of overseas webweb sites at the Web, for example, for earning money on freelance.

Formats of remote work

The types of distance activities are as follows:

Full employment

When an employee who is completely remote is not in the office, but works directly from home. For his appearance in the company, the employer will have to arrange a business trip. This format is most suitable for copywriters, marketers, salespeople, programmers for different companies in any city.

Temporary employment

Here, employees can work remotely for about six months, and the rest of the time they must be in the office, at their workplace. Such activity is suitable for those who live in another region or city, as well as in emergency situations such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

Combined activity

With such employment, employees can simultaneously work both at home and in the office, and can also alternate their stay there and there. 
The gain is that there's an possibility to win some days spent using from paintings to domestic and regularly transfer to far off paintings even with none paintings enjoy.

How to exchange to far off paintings with out enjoy?

Just some years ago, no person should have imagined that it might be viable to paintings remotely.This pastime became the privilege of extraordinarily certified and decided on professionals .

But now the whole lot has modified withinside the maximum radical way, and now it isn't in any respect essential to have an schooling or enjoy with the intention to begin making first rate cash at the Web. To do this, simply pick out the preferred course and transfer to far off paintings mode.

On the Internet today, very popular and in-demand professions are:

  • sales managers;
  • client managers;
  • moderators;
  • content managers in social networks;
  • copywriters ;
  • marketplace managers;
  • recruiters;
  • build editors;
  • operators in call centers;
  • testers;
  • curators in online schools;
  • support operators;
  • blogger managers.
All these activities do not require any special skills and knowledge, they can be mastered in a short period of time or, for example, after attending various courses .

It is pretty every other element to search for a task with the aid of using profession.If, for example, you're a teacher, then you could remotely pump your talent withinside the paintings of a teacher.

Why are teachers moving to remote work?

Many school teachers have begun to think more and more about the transition to a remote work format. This is due, first of all, to the fact that recently teachers have been under a huge load in the form of academic hours and writing a large number of different reports.

Plus a big load on the nervous system, because. working conditions, which are sometimes simply unbearable, lead teachers to serious nervous breakdowns.

Today's technologies allow you to work individually with each student, and if the teacher also has the experience of a tutor, then this will be an additional plus to his activity. And material, including.

Advantages of remote work as a teacher:

  • the convenience of working from home;
  • the opportunity to conduct classes only with those students who really want to learn and are looking for new knowledge;
  • lack of regular reports to higher authorities;
  • independent planning of your schedule;
  • use of own methods and individual approach, since this is a creative work;
  • higher earnings than at school;
  • work in comfortable conditions;
  • savings on transport;
  • having free time for your own family;
  • the ability to work from anywhere in the world;
  • calm nerves and complete satisfaction from remote work.
On the Internet, in addition to the work of a teacher, and having experience in a certain field of activity, you can also find many interesting professions.

I want to switch to remote work in my specialty - options for professions with experience

There is a large list of different positions on the web. on the Web , related to highly specialized activities, which means that they can be occupied by people with special knowledge. This includes psychologists, accountants, economists, realtors, lawyers, traders and video editors.

Now a large number of different tasks can be performed remotely. Therefore, today those people who have some kind of expert knowledge and are able to “sell” themselves profitably are becoming very popular.

Such people will always be with high salaries, so it is very effective and popular to take online training in a variety of areas, as well as develop skills and raise your professional level. All this is very useful in life.

What professions can be mastered if you are ready to learn?

When a person puts in effort and also engages in self-education techniques, he can do almost anything. This will depend on the deadlines. And we are talking about such professions that have the opportunity to learn and tightly enter them in a very short time: from three months to one year.

In some cases, when applying for a job, employees will need a document confirming the completion of special courses that they have completed and mastered the main points in these specialties:

  • layout designer;
  • contextologist;
  • targetologist;
  • Web Designer;
  • SMM specialist;
  • iOS developer;
  • software tester.
But in some cases, even with experience and the necessary knowledge, you may encounter some difficulties when working remotely.

Disadvantages of remote work

Given all the advantages and positive qualities of the distance, there are still some "pitfalls". Although they are few, they are worth mentioning.

For many employees, working remotely out of habit can be a big stress , and some may not feel very comfortable with the absence of a team or being away from it.

According to statistics, about 30% of employees who have switched to remote work feel uncomfortable in their new position, so employers would do well to take care of supporting the corporate spirit.

You also need to be aware that such work requires great motivation and internal organization from employees. Therefore, you need to learn not to be distracted from work and set a clear schedule for yourself, trying to always stick to it.

There may be a lack of face-to-face contact with people, and in some cases it will be accompanied by feelings of depression and loneliness .

You also have to constantly prepare yourself for work whenever you so badly want to lie down in front of the TV. After all, the situation in the company is a priori conducive to the working mood, but at home it is just the opposite.

The disadvantages include the inability to switch from work mode to rest mode, because, being at home, it is quite difficult to determine that a lot of work is being done. Therefore, in order to really relax , it is recommended to take breaks more often, go out, meet and chat with friends live.

You should also pay attention to your clothes. No matter how cozy and homely it is, it cannot contribute to high labor efficiency. Despite the fact that you are at home, both men and women should put themselves and their appearance in order. If you keep a business image, then some working moments will be solved much faster and easier.

And most importantly, we must not forget about videoconferencing and various kinds of negotiations that may arise quite unexpectedly in the course of work. After all, you won’t deny that somehow it’s not very good to be in negotiations with business partners in a dressing gown?

How to start working as a freelancer?

After the knowledge is obtained and the skills are mastered, it is allowed to start their new activity. It is recommended to take orders gradually, while only in your free time, combining remote work with the main job, from which you do not need to rush to quit. It is better to wait a bit, when the new activity will bring the same income as it was in the office.

Again, each person should approach such a decision for their own reasons. If, for example, you understand that you can no longer go to your job at all for one reason or another, and remote work covers your minimum expenses, then, in principle, there is nothing to be afraid of and you can safely leave.

If you are seriously planning to switch to freelancing, you should be aware that the first orders are already your full-time job. Therefore, now we must not forget about orders, let down employers or fail to meet deadlines.

A person begins to work for his reputation and customer base from his first orders. Always consider your time and resources, and take as much work as you can actually do and turn in on time.

You can take care of your finances in advance and set aside some of the money from your basic salary before switching to remote work, so that you always have deferred funds in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You may not have to spend them, but they will be much calmer.

How to organize a place to work?

People who work remotely usually equip their own place of work. For this purpose, any room or some part of it is well suited, as well as part of the balcony, part of the bedroom or half of the living room. Also, under the working room, you can use the library, if it is available. Ideally, this is a table, a comfortable chair or armchair, the necessary office supplies and a lamp.

The kitchen table is of little use here, since you eat at it, spend most of the time with your family, or just relax while drinking aromatic tea.

Before you start work, ask your household members so that they do not interfere with you and do not disturb you over trifles. You should also not run pets into the room, which can also be distracting.

Give yourself breaks as many times as you need. Remote workers have a special technique called the Pomodoro method. You need to pause for five minutes every half hour of continuous work. It is also recommended to take a longer rest after completing tasks every two hours.

You can come up with some kind of your own motivation and constantly reward yourself with something for the work done. The most important thing is to try to choose a job to your likingso that you like it, inspire and cheer you up.

Remote work is a kind of test, but with the right organization of your interest, the situation can always be turned in your favor. And success will always depend on you yourself - whether you can extract some benefit, or, conversely, incur only losses.

With a great desire and due perseverance, as well as with the desire to constantly develop and improve, you will definitely be able to find your favorite business that will bring good and decent pay. No need to wait for tomorrow, try to unlock your potential and act today.