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What business to open in a small town with minimal investment

In case you are looking for a business to open in a small town with minimal investment, check out the ideas below. Perhaps one of them will become a gold mine and the most suitable option for you.

What business to open in a small town with minimal investment

Office for printing

If there is a university or college in your small town, it is possible to organize a profitable business at home or in a separate office.

Students always require printing, and the only competitors are usually small stationery stores with this service.

You can organize a small business with minimal investment . The basic set you need to get started : laptop, printer and printing materials. You will also need to rent office space.

Less than 50 thousand rubles will be enough for you to start working. At the same time, you will be able to make a profit after six months of active work. If successful, the income can be up to 4-5 thousand $ a month.

Furniture assembly services

If you have space in your small town, you can start a home assembly company. Financial investments in this business will be minimal, since only a set of standard tools necessary for assembly or disassembly will be required.

The advantage of this business is regular orders and the absence of any technological processes.

It is recommended to purchase two or three sets of tools at the same time to enable employees to work in several places.

Good kits for one brigade can cost 20-40 thousand rubles. However, if there are active orders, there is an opportunity to quickly reach a profit. Monthly income can be up to 5-6 thousand $.

Beauty saloon

Ideas for starting a home business in a small town often involve beauty salons. Today, girls often resort to the services of makeup artists, stylists and other masters who do their job no worse than professionals in beauty centers. However, home services are much cheaper.

To organize such a business in a small town, a minimum investment is required. Depending on the direction, you will need to prepare a place of work and a set of tools.

As a rule, the starting capital for this work does not exceed 30 thousand rubles. At the same time, with a proper advertising campaign, you will be able to organize a virtually uninterrupted flow of customers at “soft” prices. Monthly income will depend on the type of work and can reach 4-5 thousand $.

Plumber or electrical services

Along with the services of a beauty salon, the work of plumbers or electricians may also be in demand. In particular, this applies to small towns where specialized firms do not operate.

It is noteworthy that start-up capital is actually not needed to create this business. All that is needed for work is to purchase a set of tools . Since these professions do not require expensive devices, your contribution may not exceed 3-4 thousand $.

In this case, earnings can be an order of magnitude higher. Today, the services of electricians and plumbers are quite expensive, therefore, with high activity and the presence of a client base, you can count on income up to 7-8 thousand $ a month.

Regardless of which business idea you choose, it is worth remembering some rules:

For a small business, it is not necessary to hire a high-class professional. Focus on a candidate who can perform the assigned tasks.

After debugging work, do not be afraid to expand by hiring new teams of workers or expanding the list of services.

Do not forget about advertising in all possible directions, including outdoor and online advertising.

Even in a small town and with minimal investment , you can create a successful and sought-after business.