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Your guide to 16 social media jobs

16 jobs on social networks 2022

16 jobs on social networks 2022

Social media can provide many benefits for companies looking to succeed online. Building and managing a social media presence can help companies engage with their audience and improve their bottom line. Exploring possible careers on social media can help you put together a career development plan. In this article, we'll cover the benefits of a social media career, the skills you can use in your social media job, and some of the best social media jobs.

What are the benefits of social networking?

A career in social media has many benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Spend time on social media: If you enjoy connecting with other people on social media, working on social media can help you balance your hobby with work.
  • Show your creativity at work. Working on social media allows you to use your creativity in areas such as storytelling, graphic design, and branding.
  • Enjoy Flexible Schedules: Many social media people can work from home and create their own schedule to complete their job responsibilities.
  • Help companies achieve their goals: You can use social media to help companies sell more products, engage with their customers, and create a positive public image.
  • Transferring customer reviews. Working on social media can help you convey valuable customer feedback to companies and potentially improve products or services.

Social media career skills

Here are the skills you can use in your social media career:

  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills can help you create meaningful posts on social media websites.
  • Creativity. You can use your creativity to come up with interesting ways to connect with your brand's audience, such as giveaways and Q&A sessions.
  • Attention to detail. Being able to pay attention to details can help you spot errors in social media content before it's published.
  • Graphic design. Graphic design skills will help you create graphics for social media campaigns.
  • Organization: Many social media jobs may require you to stick to a posting schedule or meet deadlines. You can use organizational skills to help you meet these requirements.
  • Flexibility: You can use flexibility skills to deal with crises and respond to changing circumstances in your social media career.
  • Photography and Videography: You can use your photography and videography skills to create compelling social media posts.

16 jobs on social networks

Below is a list of jobs you can do on social media:

1. Communication Specialist

National median salary: $27,772 per year

Communication Specialist

Key Responsibilities: The Communications Specialist manages the flow of information from the organization. They may write and post copies on social media and perform other public relations tasks such as writing press releases and briefings for members of the media. Communications professionals can work as part of a team or on their own to manage a company's advertising and marketing efforts.

2. Brand Ambassador

National average wage: $16.81 an hour

Brand Ambassador

Key Responsibilities: A brand ambassador is a community influencer who raises brand awareness among their audience to help the company increase sales. They may use social media to promote products through marketing campaigns. Brand Ambassadors can also attend marketing events to promote a product and help create content as part of their promotion.

3. Interaction Specialist

National median salary: $41,572 per year

Interaction Specialist

Key Responsibilities: The Engagement Specialist creates and manages strategies to improve the company's engagement with its social media audience. They can use KPIs to track and report on the success of their engagement strategies. Engagement specialists may also work with a marketing or social media team to develop plans to increase engagement in social media campaigns.

4. Advertising Manager

National median salary: $44,593 per year

Advertising Manager

Key Responsibilities: The promotion manager works with the company's sales and marketing departments to create promotions. They can use social media to implement strategies such as giveaways and contests to increase engagement, brand loyalty and sales. Promotion managers can also measure the results of social media campaigns by tracking key performance indicators to ensure the company is meeting its goals.

5. communications coordinator

National median salary: $44,952 per year

communications coordinator

Key Responsibilities: The Communications Coordinator manages the company's communications department. They can create social media posts and advertisements for the company and track their performance. Communication coordinators can also develop promotional materials for companies. These communications professionals can research and plan marketing, PR, and advertising initiatives to help companies succeed on social media.

6. Public Relations Assistant

National median salary: $48,100 per year

Public Relations Assistant

Key Responsibilities: A public relations assistant can support public relations officers with administrative and PR duties. They can update company social media profiles with new content to encourage engagement and collect press kits for press conferences. Public relations assistants can also help with duties such as researching and creating PR campaigns to promote the company's public image.

7. Brand Specialist

National median salary: $49,678 per year

Brand Specialist

Key Responsibilities: The Branding Specialist creates, manages and monitors branding strategies to help companies perform better on social media and drive sales. They can use social media to create visual and written content that reflects the values ​​and goals of companies. Branding professionals can also conduct research and use KPIs to track the progress of companies' branding initiatives.

8. Internet Marketer

National median salary: $56,682 per year

Internet Marketer

Key Responsibilities: An Internet Marketer creates and maintains strategies such as pay-per-click advertising and SEO for marketing products online. They can use social media to post and track advertisements to determine their performance with their target audience. Internet marketers can also create social media posts in line with the company's branding style to drive sales.

9. Social Media Strategist

National median salary: $56,722 per year

Key Responsibilities: Social Media Strategist develops, implements and monitors the company's social media strategies. They can use analytics to determine which strategies generate the most user engagement. Employees in this role can respond to users' questions on social media via comments and messages. Social media strategists can also create digital advertising campaigns to support a company's marketing initiatives and increase revenue.

10. Account Manager

National median salary: $58,803 per year

Social Media Strategist

Key Responsibilities: The PR Account Manager promotes client portfolios to help them maintain a positive reputation. They may work with advertising and marketing staff to create campaigns and initiatives that engage the client's target audience. Account managers can also write press releases and manage social media accounts for their clients.

11. Copywriter

National median salary: $60,395 per year


Key Responsibilities: A copywriter writes slogans and other text for media advertisements such as billboards, newspapers, and social media. They can partner with PR professionals and marketers to create campaigns that support a company's brand and engage its audience. Copywriters may also receive creative guidance from clients on how to create or update ad copy.

12. Influencer

National median salary: $61,545 per year


Key Responsibilities: An influencer is a public figure on social media who promotes a brand by creating posts that show their followers how they are using the company's product. They can negotiate with the brand on the number of posts they will make for the contract. Influencers can also write social media copy and use graphic design to create digital art for posts designed to promote a brand or product.

13. Market Research Analyst

National median salary: $68,398 per year

Market Research Analyst

Key Responsibilities: A market research analyst conducts research and collects data to assist a company in its marketing initiatives. They can track the impact of a marketing campaign using the data and adjust campaigns based on their performance. Market Research Analysts can also create reports and presentations based on their research results.

14. Art director

National median salary: $75,575 per year

Art director

Key Responsibilities: The Art Director manages the visual elements of advertising and marketing campaigns. They can oversee the creative staff of designers working on campaigns for a variety of clients and mediums, including social media. Art directors can also approve designs to make sure they align with the company's brand styles and values.

15. Brand Strategist

National median salary: $78,318 per year

Brand Strategist

Key Responsibilities: The brand strategist develops and oversees the branding guide for the company in its advertising and marketing content, including design elements and written copy. They can analyze consumer opinions and use this data to update branding principles. Brand strategists can use their research and branding to improve user engagement on social media and increase sales through increased brand positioning.

16. Director of Marketing

National median salary: $129,781 per year

Director of Marketing

Key Responsibilities: Marketing Director manages the company's marketing operations from development to production. They can conduct market research and send marketing staff to create campaigns based on the results of this research. CMOs may also work with sales and advertising to implement branding, social media, and advertising marketing strategies to help a company increase sales and revenue.