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 Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs in 2023

Affiliate marketing is an example of everyone's dream of making money while sleeping.

This is the one online activity where you put in the least effort to promote a product and notice the commissions generated while you are in dreamland.

Yes, it's one of the best things the internet has made easier.

The concept behind it, namely paying commissions for featured companies, may have been used before the Internet and affiliate marketing itself, but the process in question has become easier with the more accessible virtual marketplace.

Making money with this type of performance-based marketing is made even better with recurring affiliate programs where commissions come not just once, but repeatedly.

Who doesn't want this?

So, if you want to earn passive income , then you should get into affiliate marketing.

Because not all programs are created equal, it's important to do your due diligence. Look for the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions up to 60% or more.

By the end of this post, you will be fully equipped to get started with beginner affiliate programs or improve the way you earn commissions now.

What are recurring affiliate programs?

In the past, earning a commission through affiliate marketing was often a one-time sale. Once the transaction is complete, you will have to chase down the next commission.

The best recurring commission affiliate programs work just the opposite. You just need a referral to get paid over and over again.

Here is an example based on one of the best selling affiliate programs.

  • The cost of the software is $100/month.
  • The commission rate is 20%. 

This means that for every subscriber, you represent, you get $20 per month.

As long as the referred subscriber continues to use the software, you will earn the same $20/month income over and over again.

So, if you refer 5 subscribers, you will receive a total of $100 for the first month, another $100 the next month, and so on.

What if I made 3 more referrals before the end of the first month?

Calculate yourself. And what is the most pleasant thing?

You use the same link, so you don't do any work after the original one. The best job in the world, if you can call it that.

What are the best recurring commission affiliate programs in 2023?

Below is a list of the best money making affiliate programs that have been selected based on the commission you earn and how low the barriers to becoming an affiliate are.

Just to be clear; Promoting different products isn't easy, and commissions don't fall to their knees without you putting in the initial effort to promote and sell affiliate products.

But with the right recurring affiliate platforms, you are sure to earn a lot.



Category: Internet Marketing

Commission size: 2-tier structure


Builderall Business is an affiliate program where you advertise a range of digital marketing tools under one roof. Because of the high demand for the products you offer, you know you are promoting products that actually sell.

It has a 2-tier program or leverage system with recurring affiliate commissions. 

Level 1: Direct sales earned in the first month return 100% commission. Then each subsequent month, the remaining income will fall to 30%.

Level 2: Sales made by referrals will earn you a commission of 30%.

To put this into perspective, let's say you made $69 on a single Tier 1 lead during the first month, and then $20 the next month. You also made $20 on your Tier 2 lead each month.

What's great about the platform is that:

  • The proposed product is evergreen. 
  • The offered product is in great demand. 
  • Get monthly commissions.
  • It has long retention rates. 
  • Receive bonus fees for low, medium and high ticket courses.

Payment is set for 30 days upon first registration, but is reduced to 5 days after the trial period.

Builderall Business is definitely one of the best affiliate programs to promote.

By the way, if you want to use the platform, it offers a forever free plan and a 14-day free trial for premium plans. 


Category: Sales Funnels

Commission: 40% commission overall + bonuses

Many consider Clickfunnels to be one of the high paying affiliate products because it offers not only recurring commission but also other rewards. 

Earn 40% recurring affiliate commissions for every Clickfunnels sale you make. 

  • Earn a 40% commission on all sales of related products in the Clickfunnels ecosystem. 
  • Earn 100% commission on selling One Funnel Away Challenge, a high converting funnel course. 
  • Earn a 5% commission every time a Clickfunnels affiliate signs up under you. 
  • Pay to rent the car of your dreams. You get $500 per month for 100 paying ClickFunnels customers and $1,000 per month for 200 registrations. 

But these payouts are just some of the things that make ClickFunnels one of the best affiliate programs for making money.

  • It uses a sticky cookie that works across multiple products, generating residual income for each referral. 
  • It offers free training to help you reach your financial goals. 
  • They give you the opportunity to earn rewards through various programs, including the ClickFunnels dream car program. 

With ClickFunnels sticky cookies, you have more than one way to get paid.


Category: Internet Marketing

Commission: 40% Service life

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to run a business . With over 32.5 million companies (or more) in the United States alone, the tools on offer are one of the top-selling affiliate products.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Kartra affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs based on the target market alone.

More importantly, as a Kartra partner, you will:

  • Earn a 40% commission on every lifetime recurring sale and payment you generate throughout your lifetime. 
  • Receive a lifetime commission of 10% on every sale and recurring payments from your partners when you sign up as a Tier 2 JV Partner.
  • You automatically get a higher/upgraded payout if your referral upgrades their account package with Kartra. 
  • Get a variety of tools to promote your affiliate program. These include:
  • Email Scroll Templates
  • Pre-order funnel models
  • List Creation Templates
  • Master class templates
  • banner creative
  • Function banners
  • Social media scrolling

The affiliate program is built inside Kartra so you don't need to set it up anywhere else. If you have a business, you can expand it by creating an affiliate through the affiliate program management system.

You can also add a JV Ad Page for higher residual income. With this integrated platform, you know exactly where to promote affiliate products.

If you want to know everything in detail, be sure to read my Kartra review.


Category: SEO

Commission: 30% lifetime commission

As a cheaper alternative to other SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, you can bet KWFinder is one of the high priced affiliate products. It's also easier to promote as it comes with some amazing features.

  • Keyword research (KWFinder)
  • Analysis of organic search results (SERPChecker)
  • Tracking the position of keywords in the ranking (SERPWatcher)
  • Backlink Analysis (LinkMiner)
  • Full website analysis (Site Profiler)

Since KWFinder offers several plans, some of them at discounted prices, the commission rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Even if you only earn commission from the basic monthly plan, it can add up quickly. This makes KWFinder one of the best affiliate programs for making money.

GetResponse method

Category: Email Marketing

Commission: 33% Service life

This move here is reason enough to sign up and participate in the GetResponse affiliate marketing program. The company is also one of the first to offer recurring commissions to promoters and advertisers.

When registering, you can choose one of two commission programs:

Affiliate Rewards Program : where you receive a generous one-time payment of $100 for every account you submit.

Recurring Affiliate Program : where you are paid a recurring monthly commission of 33%.

In both options, payments are made monthly and you will be provided with free marketing materials and real-time earnings statistics.

What's even better is that the GetResponse affiliate program:

  • free registration
  • No earnings limits
  • Get paid monthly by check or other payment methods of your choice
  • Earn commission when a referred visitor activates their account within 120 days. 

Since email marketing tools are required, you have access to the highest paying affiliate programs.

As Reno Van Boven of said, “The GetResponse Affiliate Program is a huge opportunity for all affiliate marketers to easily increase their online income! The email software industry is booming and with lucrative payments like GetResponse you can look forward to a great ROI. "

Why not try it yourself?

As for other email marketing software, you can check out my guide: Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing .


Category: Image creation tool

Commission: 30% Service life

As an image creation tool used by webmasters, internet marketers, and bloggers , Stencil offers one of the best income generating opportunities. Advertised well, you'll get paid more by promoting it.

How much exactly?

30% commission per sale that is paid every month as long as your target customer stays with the software. How much you earn will depend on the type of account the referred customer is signing up with.

Since there is no minimum payment, you will still receive residual income, regardless of the balance.

Monthly direct payments are made through PayPal.

When you become a Stencil affiliate, you will have your own comprehensive dashboard where you can track your affiliate links and commissions.

Plus, you'll get support and advice, complete with banners, content, images, and logos, to get you started.

This is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners, especially since you will have direct access to a dedicated affiliate link when you sign up. All you need is to send an email for all your questions and concerns. 

TD Web Services

Category: Web tools and services

Commission rate: 35% recurring commission per referral

TD Web Services is a David against many Goliaths in web hosting brands like VMware, GoDaddy and Bluehost .

Despite its small size, it offers one of the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs.

What makes it a great option is:

  • High approval rate
  • Proven high conversion rates
  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Friendly support of its affiliates

Commission rates, as shown below, vary depending on the service purchased by the referred customer.

If the customer, you specified buys everything on the list, your commission will quickly add up.

In addition, the TD Web Services affiliate program offers cash rewards of up to $1,000 based on accumulated monthly sales.

TD Web Services also offers an affiliate program, ShareASale, where you can earn a one-time commission of up to 50%, depending on the monthly amount.

Elegant themes

Category: WordPress Themes

Commission: 50% per sale

If you want to sell high paying affiliate products, sign up for the Elegant Themes affiliate program. With the popular open source platform (WordPress hosting) powering 34% of the internet as of 2019, themes are definitely one of the high commission affiliate products. .

Elegant Themes boasts a 50% commission on every theme you sell and a commission on every subscription renewal.

As long as the referred visitors pay their annual renewal fees, you will earn residual income.

As an affiliate, you will be provided with text links and a range of banners that you can use on your website.

active campaign

Category: Email Automation / CRM

Commission: 20-30%

Considered one of the best residual income affiliate programs, ActiveCampaign pays you up to 30% commission for every referral you make.

What's great about ActiveCampaign is that:

  • Getting started is very easy. 
  • No additional costs arise. 
  • Payments are made every month. 
  • Customer retention is high, which ensures long-term recurring commissions. 

Now the commission you will earn depends on the level you belong to.

  • Silver level: Get 20% commission for a new referral. 
  • Gold Level: You get a 25% rebate when you deposit $100 of new monthly activity in the last 3 months. 
  • Platinum Level: You get a 30% payout when you bring in $500 worth of new monthly trades in the last 3 months or you have $2,000 worth of active accounts. 

Join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program and you can start earning tomorrow. 

Prosperity Themes

Category: WordPress Themes & Plugins

Commission rate: 35% of each sale

With a huge number of websites using WordPress, Thrive Themes has some of the best selling affiliate products. For every sale you make, you will be paid 35%, the actual amount of which depends on the product the referred customer buys.

In addition, Thrive Themes made the list as one of the best residual income affiliate programs for several other reasons:

  • It is a well-known brand, a feature that makes it easy to sell as an affiliate product.
  • You will be provided with all the assistance you need, including well-designed banner ads, advice and partner training. 
  • Get access to analytics to monitor your traffic and commissions in real time
  • Earn commissions for annual subscription renewals that are billed annually. 
  • Direct payments are made through PayPal at a low $20 payment threshold. 

With a total of 10 products for sale, including page builders, plugins, and themes, it won't take long to earn residual income from this affiliate program.


Category: Email Marketing

Commission: 30%

Designed to make email marketing more convenient, Aweber provides a tool to automate the process of collecting email addresses, sending emails, transmitting emails and creating an entire email campaign.

With over 240 million email users in the US alone in 2017, the Aweber tool is definitely one of the high value affiliate products. For every referral you make that converts and stays active for a month, you will start earning 30% recurring commission, and payments are sent monthly.

Now different subscription plans bring different revenue.

If your referral client signed up for a $19 per month subscription plan, you will receive $5.70 after one month. If the client stays for one year, you earn $68.40, which then doubles the next year.

Imagine if all 10 registered customers signed up for a $149 per month plan.

With Aweber, you don't have to pay anything to sign up and you will have access to some amazing features like custom links, banners, email scrolling and video ads.

Given this list of the best residual income affiliate programs, you shouldn't waste time getting started. Now is the best time to sign up and start making money. 

Mailer Lite property

Category: Email Marketing

Commission: 30%

Recognized as one of the best email marketing programs, MailerLite offers a very high paying affiliate program. All you need to do is add a special affiliate link that will be provided to you upon registration and your website visitors click on the link.

You also get banners that you can use to promote your link on social media (Facebook, Instagram), forums, blogs, and other online platforms.

What's great about joining the MailerLite affiliate program is that:

  • Your request will be automatically approved. 
  • You will be provided with an intuitive dashboard where you can track clicks, conversions, sales and revenue in real time. 
  • You will have access to dedicated partner support. 
  • The 30% software fee now applies to both initial sales and recurring payments. Certain terms and conditions apply.
  • The potential customer must click on the affiliate link and then sign up during that sale session to be eligible for the referral commission. 
  • Referrals are given one week from their visit to sign up with Mailer Lite so you can earn a commission on their purchase. 
  • When your commission reaches $120, you can request a payment to be credited to your PayPal account after 45 days. 

You also have the option to accumulate your earnings before requesting a payment.


Category: Landing Page Builder

Commission: 30% lifetime

What makes Leadpages one of the best residual income affiliate programs is that it sells guaranteed products to generate new leads and increase conversion rates. This is what every business and website owner wants for their website.

With this web-based online tool, you can create landing pages and email pop-ups and provide offers that will turn the visitor into leads or customers.

How does the Leadpages affiliate program work?

Sell ​​a suite of lead generation tools to potential clients and earn a 30% recurring commission. This applies to all sales, including upgrades and renewals.

As long as the attracted client remains on the platform, you will receive a commission.

What's great about the Leadpages affiliate program is that referrals get technical support, marketing, training, and great software that helps build customer loyalty.

This helps make sure you get that commission for life.

In addition, it offers 3 subscription plans that are billed monthly or yearly, which saves the remaining income.

Obviously, this is one of the most interesting affiliate products for sale.


Category: Graphic design software

Commission: 30%

Snappa provides marketers and business owners with the fastest way to create graphics that rival the quality of professionals, but without the high cost. Since every website needs a graphic design, the app is a lucrative affiliate product to promote.

What's great about the Snappa affiliate program is that:

  • You will have immediate approval for your application. 
  • You will get dedicated support and access to real-time statistics on clicks, conversions, earnings, and more
  • You will earn through a recurring income model. 

As an affiliate, you will receive a 30% recurring commission for every successful subscription. As long as your referral stays with the app, your commission is guaranteed.

So, if you make a $50 sale from a single referral, you will earn a $15 commission.

If the referred attendee signs up for an annual subscription, you will be paid the equivalent of what you earn for the entire year up front.

The Snappa Annual Plan is definitely a lucrative affiliate program to promote.

How about the payment process?

  • Payments are scheduled for the beginning of the month. 
  • Direct payments will be made through your PayPal account. 

You should try the snappa affiliate program.

So, do your homework on how to promote affiliate products and learn the best way to sell them for big payouts.

How do you ensure success in recurring affiliate programs?

Meet Ray Hoffman Dolan, or you might get to know her better as Sugar Ray. Before becoming an online marketing legend by helping to found digital marketing agency PushFire, she was a mother whose son suffered a severe stroke in 1998.

The lack of online support groups for parents like her prompted her to create a non-profit website where parents and families of stroke patients can share their joys and sorrows.

In 2001, she stumbled across affiliate marketing and used a platform to sell affiliate products to fund her website's maintenance needs.

Fast forward to today, Sugar Rae is a very successful affiliate marketer, a testament to affiliate marketing working.

You can do the same, but you have to put in the effort. 

To succeed in affiliate marketing:

  • Only promote products you understand and love. It's hard to convince visitors to buy what you're selling with fake tips.
  • Choose evergreen affiliate products from reputable brands.
  • Start with new categories. Find out which category is the most popular and use it to your advantage.
  • Consider working with affiliate networks that act as an intermediary between affiliates and merchants. Joining a network will help you compare different commission fees between different programs.
  • Learn how to promote affiliate products appropriately. Try different methods and use the ones that work best for you.

There is no formula that guarantees affiliate marketing success. But start with the tips listed above to help you build your online space.

Of course, in order to know and understand the above products, one must try them, at least their basic features. Therefore, I recommend choosing one or two first and signing up for their free trials.

For more affiliate marketing resources, check out my other detailed guide:

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business (The Complete Beginner's Guide)


In conclusion, recurring affiliate programs are a way to make money online and use your marketing skills effectively. Now that you know the information you need and the tools to start this profitable project, get started right away.

Start earning lifetime commissions with minimal effort.

What do you think of my list of the top 14 earning opportunities?

Let us know in the comments below.