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How much do copywriters actually earn per month?

How much do copywriters actually earn per month?

Anyone who is able to package ideas into a beautiful cover and write texts without errors can become an online writer. The ranks of copywriters are constantly replenished with new people, which leads to increased competition. How do you get past thousands of authors and get orders?

Many guys significantly reduce prices for 1000 characters of text, and at the end of the month they are surprised at the small amount of earnings. How much does a copywriter really earn?

Beginner copywriter income

It's all very sad. Where do 90% of new writers go? In the publishing market. There will always be work for beginners at a rate of 0.5-1.5 $ per 1000 characters. The list of transcript requirements are few:

  • uniqueness above 90%;
  • lack of spelling and punctuation errors;
  • The presence of a beautiful structure: subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists, introduction and conclusion.

With a standard working day, a beginner can write an average of 20,000 characters per day. More is possible, but then the author either quickly "burns out" or starts creating verbal rubbish. Let's calculate the average monthly income for beginners: 10 rubles * 20 thousand * 5 days * 4.5 weeks = 4.50 dollars.

As you can see, mere pennies. However, at scanty rates, the author only works for the first month. As the rating grew, he raised the price tag to $3-4 per 1000 characters.

How much does the average copywriter earn?

Who is the mediator? This is an author who has already built a permanent client base (he spends very little time looking for work), has a high rating, has collected more than 10 positive reviews, and specializes in certain topics.

On copywriting exchanges, average copywriters work at $ 5-10 per 1000 characters. If the author has direct clients who need texts to fill out information sites, earnings are usually 20-30% higher, plus there is no need to pay a commission for the site.

For the sale of texts, middle peasants charge $ 20-50 per kilo. But it takes a lot of time to search for such requests on your own.

Productivity is reduced to 12-15 thousand characters per day. The fact is that clients have additional requirements for an experienced copywriter:

  • lack of water, padding, redundancy;
  • high semantic uniqueness of the text;
  • expert knowledge of the subject matter;
  • Keys Organic Login.

Let's calculate the average earnings of a copywriter, creating informational articles: $7.5 * 1.5K * 5 days * 4.5 weeks = $253.12. Really good. With that kind of money, you can live quite well in a rural town. But there is something we must fight for.

Professional copywriter salary

At this level, it is difficult to calculate the exact income of a copywriter. There are companies that are ready to pay a professional 100-300 dollars for one ad text if the latter increases sales.

The question is how often a copywriter comes across “tasty” orders, how much time it takes to negotiate with a client, create and edit articles, and analyze conversion.

Many copywriting gurus (Dmitry Kot, Denis Kaplunov, Sergey Troubadour, Arthur Grant, Pyotr Panda) say that a professional is able to earn 1000-2000 dollars a month on copywriting.

The problem is that only a few, less than 2% of authors reach career heights. There are many other professions that allow you to reach such a number with less time and effort.

How much do most copywriters earn?

Most Runet copywriters earn 200-500 dollars a month. Do not forget that part of the funds is consumed by commissions of exchange and payment systems (when withdrawing through plastic cards).

With legal registration of activities, a significant part of the profits goes to paying taxes and contributions to the Pension Fund. The final decision is yours.