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10 low investment business ideas

10 low investment business ideas

In our time, probably almost every first at least once thought: where to start your business and whether there are business ideas with small investments, because you are already tired of working for someone. You can start, but where?

10 low investment business ideas

Are there business options with small investments?

With our salaries, there is not much to count on. Therefore, the question arises whether there is something that requires a minimum start-up capital?

Definitely there is! But in order to start doing something, you need to have not just a desire, but a very strong desire to bring your idea to life, to achieve something, and not just “try”.

After all, it has even been scientifically proven that our thoughts and desires have the peculiarity of materializing.

For example, I know a woman who started out selling buns on the street and now holds the position of commercial director of a large hypermarket. Would you say it's just luck? No, it's hard work.

How and where to start your successful business?

Earnings on the Internet

Many people are now interested in making money on the Internet, so let's start with it. The World Wide Web offers many ways to earn royalties for providing its services.

If you have the talent of a writer, you can write articles for money. To get started, you will need to register on one of the article exchanges (the best, or on several of them and go ahead, complete orders.

Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of your writing career and in time you will become a world famous writer.

virtual school

If you are fluent in some sciences or foreign languages, you can create a virtual school on the Internet and teach everyone the knowledge that you own. And maybe after a while you will be able to boast of your small school, but no longer virtual.

For example, a center for teaching foreign languages ​​to children.

Work as a realtor

It is also possible, upon completion of the relevant courses, to try yourself as a realtor by getting a job in a real estate agency.

As you know, a synonym for the word "real estate" is "big money", because if you work hard, you can quickly earn it and leave for your own bread.

The same situation is with the insurance industry, where you can get a job as an insurance agent.

Several profitable options

This is only a small fraction of the opportunities that the worldwide network provides us with. It can also be:

  • opening an online store;
  • virtual marriage agency;
  • creation of a copywriting agency;
  • opening an SEO agency;
  • mediation in various business areas , etc.

Selling flowers

If we talk about making money outside the Internet, then selling flowers can bring a good profit.

You buy a lot of disposable flower pots and plant flowers in them, propagating those that you already have in your home, at work, the home of your relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.

You sell them through advertising on the Internet or in the market, accumulating money to open your own flower shop .

Of course, this will not happen immediately, nothing falls out of the sky so easily, you will have to be patient and work hard. Let it take a few years, but it's worth it to hold the keys to your store in your hands.

homemade cookies

For example, you can bake homemade cookies. Nowadays, people more and more prefer to buy just this, natural , especially for children.

Because the factory one is inferior to it both in taste and in composition, in which many chemical additives are often found.

At first, you can limit yourself to a circle of relatives and friends, then bake for friends of your friends, etc. This will make you a good advertisement and even then you will have a circle of regular customers and, of course, a constant income.

Over time, you will earn money to rent a small room, in which, after registering as a private entrepreneur, you can open a small pastry shop.

Invest in your education

Also, if you have a small amount of money to pay for paid courses, you can complete masseur courses and practice yourself as a paid masseur at home, and then you will earn money to open your own salon.

The question still remains - how to open your own business? In the end, you can try to play the lottery.

Why not? Maybe luck will turn for you, and tomorrow you will have enough money in your hands to open your own successful business.