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How to open your mini business on the resale of goods from China + TOP 10 sites

How to open your mini business on the resale of goods from China + TOP 10 sites

Small business with China from scratch on the resale of goods is a very profitable business that has become relevant recently. Business on goods from China is a business that anyone can implement, regardless of their knowledge and skills. Reselling things from China on the Internet allows you to make good money while investments are either minimal or not at all.

How to open your mini business on the resale of goods from China + TOP 10 sites

You can generally start a business with China without investments. And even more precisely, it will be a business with minimal investment, because you will need a little money, for example, to create a website, if you yourself do not know how to do it. You need a small amount, for only 50-100 dollars you will get a good selling website. You can find such specialists on SEO forums on the Internet or on freelancer sites. Read below about how to start a business with China on the resale of goods and how to organize it competently.

What you need, where and how to start a business with China

Today, any person, a schoolboy, a teenager or a pensioner, can earn money by starting a business with China alone by reselling goods without investment. This will provide him with a stable monthly income, if everything is organized correctly.

All you need to do is decide on the type of income and start from scratch a long-term business in trading with China, selling goods for which there is a good demand in Russia or the CIS countries.

You have the opportunity to start a business with the Chinese without intermediaries by directly interacting with the best Chinese online stores, each of which offers its own specific products.

To get a steady income to your bank account, it is best to start creating your own original mini online store. Or you create a selling site (landing page) and sell one or more of the most popular products.

As you already understood, it will be necessary to sell Chinese-made goods that are in demand. If you do not like this option, then read on for other business ideas with China.

Earnings with China on dropshipping

Drop shipping is considered to be the most common type of cooperation with China. This proven method allows you to sell foreign Chinese products, but only through your own promotional materials.

Thus, you have to create your web resource (site) on the Internet, and then advertise it through social networks, contextual advertising (preferably Google or Yandex) or in some other way. Recently, advertising on Instagram has become very effective.

The most difficult and responsible task that requires careful analysis falls on your shoulders - to study the consumer demand in your country or in a certain region or city. After that, you need to add several products to your store along with a unique affiliate link.

How exactly does drop shipping work?

When you advertise products through your site, you receive orders that you then pass on to the store in China that works with you. They package, ship to your customer and get paid for it, and then share a small portion of the revenue with you.

This is exactly how dropshipping works. You will have to monitor the hosting and domain (this is the place of your site on the Internet and its address) in order to pay for them in a timely manner to ensure the smooth operation of your site. The cost of a domain per year is usually about 15 $. Renting hosting for a website will cost you 5-12 $ per month. As you can see, the investment is minimal.

Self-selling goods from China

Another way to work fruitfully with China is for those users who do not trust dropshipping and want to track 

Their progress on their own.

The main advantage of another idea is that you take absolutely all the profit from sales, and not a small part.

Thus, it is possible to earn much more from one sale than with dropshipping. The scheme of work is almost identical to the first.

You need to create a one-page website or an entire online store. In the first option, only a single product from China is sold, and in the second option, you sell several of the same type of goods, dividing them into several categories.

TOP 10 best Chinese sites for ordering goods

Below is a list of the top 10 trusted sites to buy goods both wholesale and retail.

These sites have the lowest prices for various products:

  • Taobao -

Why you need to choose your product carefully

Unfortunately, not all goods from China sell well in Russia. Therefore, you will have to spend a fair amount of time to settle on the most successful option, which will be distinguished by endless interest from potential buyers.

After identifying suitable products, it is worth finding a reliable supplier and ordering at least 100 copies from him . Next, an ad is launched, and you watch how the user audience reacts to this product.

I really hope that you liked  the ideas for doing business with China offered by us, and you will start earning soon.

Do not forget that you need to constantly develop, improve and expand. If orders have gone, then try to sell another product in order to increase your monthly profit and be a wealthy person.

The business of reselling popular goods from China is profitable and promising for development. If things go well, then it can be expanded indefinitely.

You have learned how and where to start (open) your business with China. How to set it up and build a truly successful highly profitable business. The ideas and tips that we have introduced you to will help you make good money without investment or with minimal investment, doing your business on the Internet.

Reselling Chinese goods is a business that will be around for a very long time. Start now so that you don't regret later that you had the opportunity to earn money, but you missed it. And don't forget to write a business plan