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money and business

 largest public banks in the world
sara 08 January 2023
  10 largest public banks in the world The S& P Global Market Intelligence agency has compiled a rating of the 100 largest banks in the ...
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 Credit rating: what is it and how to use it?
sara 07 January 2023
 Credit rating: what is it and how to use it? Nikolai kept money in one of the banks and did not worry: after all, his deposit is protected ...
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Building relationships and scouting for talent
sara 25 December 2022
 Global Leadership. Building connections, scouting for talent and leading global teams Today, no medium or large company can afford to rema...
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Business ideas for students
sara 24 December 2022
  Business ideas for students : a special selection for those who are still studying at an institute, university, university, college and ot...
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 Effective business management: 7 main principles
sara 22 December 2022
  Effective business management Business in layman's terms is “the exchange of goods or services for money with the main aim of making ...
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